Thursday, September 03, 2009

wood type :: vintage dairy sign :: bookshelf :: swan


this week's thrifty finds thursday is a whopper! tons of items to share.


this first photo features a few of my recent finds. the biggest being a vintage drawer of wood type! i've always admired these drawers but they've always been too pricey when i've seen them. i found this drawer at the same flea market as my boy & rooster print, clutch, & vintage jewelry i posted about before. now that our family room remodeling project is coming to a close, we finally have somewhere to hang it! as you can see, our floors are not done yet. they're scheduled to be refinished next week! we can't wait! photos of the whole remodel project to come soon! anyway, back to the type. i love it and i got it for what i think is a huge deal.....even if it was the most expensive thing i bought that day.

below the type you can see a cute little bookcase i bought for the boys since this area will be where their toy box and other goodies will reside. it's a little rough around the edges, but it's a really solid piece of furniture and i really liked the simple shape. (it has really great feet which unfortunately you can't see here) i hope to paint it eventually. i'll be sure to post photos when finished.

on top of the bookshelf are my vintage pitcher which i found awhile back and a little swan planter that i scored last week i believe. the acorn is not vintage. i picked it up at our hobby lobby for 50% off. the top comes off for storage inside.

the rest of the bookshelf will be left for the boys books and toys once the floors are finished and everything is moved into it's new home.

here are a few closer pics of the vintage type for you:



i thought i'd also include a photo of another vintage find that will reside in the new family room. you may remember it from a "photo of the day" back in july. i found it in my grandparent's barn when we were there for the camparoo. it hung in front of my grandpa's farm for many years and, as i understand, has served many purposes over the years. i loved it and it's graphic colors and fonts. i asked them if i could give it a good home and they graciously obliged! i think i can say that this is quite possibly my favorite piece in all of our home. thanks grandma & grandpa!

vintage dairy sign


cartolina said...

Wow -I am so impressed that you found that drawer of type! I love it and it looks amazing on the wall. I'm jealous :-(

carina said...

I dream of going on a date to the flea market with you, Lori! You have a great eye and that type looks perfect as wall art.

hen and barley press said...

so jealous about that dairy sign!

Candice said...

I'm just visiting here but am completely drawn in to your site. I work in the printing industry and my heart immediately melted when I saw you printers type. I dream of having some one day. Great find!

leslie said...

Can you believe that the day I read this post, my mom popped over with a drawer just like this? It's missing all the wonderful type, but it's still pretty amazing!

samovarkath said...

Absolutely gorgeous drawer of type! Fabulous score! I just found your blog through freshvintage. Can't wait to read about more of your cool finds!

By the bye, did you know there is a documentary about the Hamilton Type Co., who made most of the type and gorgeous drawers? It's kind of cool. It's called "Typeface."

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