Wednesday, April 12, 2006

items of note

there are several items i need to touch on today:

first of all, thank you to everyone and your ever-so-sweet comments on my last post. i truly appreciate have no idea what it means.

an update on the same subject: my dr. called back today with information from her colleague. it turns out that i'm going to start this new medicine! i'm still not getting my hopes up, but the specialist thought that i should start the meds because even if i end up going all the way to ivf again, it will help in that process too. so either way, it doesn't hurt to take it. the only problem is the side effects. i have to be "weaned" onto it. it's actually a drug often used for diabetes patients (i know, weird...i won't go into details) and it often causes major nausea and fun things like diarrhea! yippee! so i start out pill a day. then i work my way up to two pills, twice a day. so we'll see. hopefully it helps.

now, on to more exciting and fun news! one of my easter cards was featured on a new website! check it out! —modish— thanks to jena for the feature!


Heels said...

I hope things work out beautifully on the baby front--no one should ever have to suffer to have a child.

Congrats on the mention. I'm off to check it out!

A Little Hut said...

Good luck with your new plan! I hope it all works out in the end.

Congratulations on the feature! I saw that yesterday. Cute card - :)

gilley said...

Good luck with the new meds!

Hi-Heeled Hotties said...

Yea! That is very good, very hopeful news

Dear Monday said...

That is positive news. I hope the medicine helps out and make it easier for you. I hope there'll be more papergals all pregnant at the same time!! :)

PS. Your Easter cards are so adorable. Love the bunny.

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