Friday, October 31, 2008

october 31, 2008 - photo of the day

little dude's birthday invite #4

to say that the little dude is obsessed with legos might be a bit of an understatement. ever since he got his first set of "big boy" legos, he's been hooked. he's been carrying around the instruction manual for almost a year now because it has a set of legos in the back that he desperately wants. he tells anyone that will listen that he wants this set of legos for his birthday. of course this "set" of legos is hundreds of dollars. so as a surprise, we've arranged a lego themed birthday party for him this year. we talked to all the relatives and asked them each to get a certain part of the set so that at the end of the day he would have the whole thing. (or as close as possible)

so here are the invites i came up with to announce the all-important lego birthday party!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

october 30, 2008 - photo of the day

design is everywhere feature

the sweet erin from design is everywhere wrote up a great little feature for fin+roe on her blog today! go check it out to see what nice things she had to say! thanks erin!

-images snagged from design is everywhere

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

any suggestions?

so here are some pictures of my adorable son #2. one thing though......

.....this is how he looks at the end of every meal. he has this obsession with running his dirty, filthy, dinner hands through his hair. sure the style is cute and all, but we're really getting tired of the crusty peanut butter hair thing. any suggestions on how to get him to stop, or is this just something we get to live with for the next......oh, who knows how long?

october 28, 2008 - photo of the day

Monday, October 27, 2008

october 27, 2008 - photo of the day

order early!

10% off your entire photo holiday card order at if you order before nov. 15th! code: ORDEREARLY

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

october 25, 2008 - photo of the day

from now on, this week will be known as:

new technology week!

what a week i've had! first i get my sexy new macbook pro. and now i've gotten myself a new phone! as you all may know, i'm a very loyal mac fan. i would never even consider switching to something else. in fact, you couldn't pay me enough. so it goes without saying that i've been drooling over the iphone for quite some time. however, our current cell phone plan is with verizon, so a switch to the iphone not only meant a switch of providers, but it also meant a hefty new monthly statement. right now we share a family plan with my parents. our bill is ridiculously low. so the though of having to fork out the difference was not something i was fond of.....especially in this economic state. we had recently been notified that we were up for new phones through our current contract. we looked into our options. i really wanted a phone that would allow me to get my business e-mail when i'm out of the office. then when we take a trip somewhere i don't have to take my whole laptop with, i can just grab my phone and go! we knew that this would mean paying more, but since the hubby was just going to stick with the standard plan, we were hoping it wouldn't be too much. so we went to the local verizon store and found we could add e-mail to my phone without all the web access stuff that i didn't really need. then we checked out at&t and the iphone. while we could accomplish the same thing for not a whole lot more, we decided to stick with verizon for now. there's no reason to add more to our monthly expenses, so i'll stick with this for another 2 years and then reevaluate the iphone at that point.

so what did i get? well, i did end up splurging on a more expensive phone than i planned on, but i paid with it from my business expenses.....since i wouldn't have gotten it if it weren't for business e-mail. and we pay for our monthly bill from our personal account so i figured that was more than fair.

so here's my new phone. the LG voyager:

it has a touch screen just like the iphone and a full keyboard which i like. plus i actually read in a review online that it beat out the iphone in 3 out of 5 categories, so i guess i can't complain! one of the other reasons i picked it is because it's an LG. when it comes to brand loyalty of electronics other than computers i have to say that LG is one of my favorites.

ok, off to go play!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

proud auntie

i had to post these photos of my niece that my sister in law sent over to me today. little e had been growing her beautiful red hair out for a very long time in anticipation of donating it to locks of love. last night was the night. according to my sister in law she was very excited because, as she put it, now another little girl will get to have hair! sniff, sniff.

here's a photo of how long her hair was before.

a shot during.

and her cute bob after!

i'm so proud of you little e. you've done a fabulous thing!

october 23, 2008 - photo of the day

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

field trip : maywood environmental park

today the little dude's preschool class got to visit maywood environmental park. it was quite a chilly morning, but we all managed to survive.

we did a lot of hiking and observing nature and wildlife.

each child got to select a fallen leaf to take to the wish bridge. they all counted to three and tossed their leaves into the river below while making their wish.

after the hiking, we came back to make sunprints out of items we found in nature. here's the little dude selecting his appropriate materials.

we ended the day with a snack and a book. a good time was had by all.

october 22, 2008 - photo of the day

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oh yeah....

i meant to write this little story down when talking about my computer in my earlier post, but obviously i was too excited and completely forgot.

scene: on the way home from preschool in the car

mommy: hey buddy, guess what mommy got in the mail when you were at school today!
little dude: what?
mommy: a NEW COMPUTER!! isn't that cool?
little dude: (wide eyes. big gasp.) it orange?
mommy: no honey, it's not orange. it's black and silver and grey.
little dude: it polk-a-dotty?

apparently nothing is cool until it's either orange or polk-a-dotty in the little dude's world. i love how the first thing he went to was what color and/or pattern my computer might be. maybe there's a little artist in there just waiting to come out!

october 21, 2008 - photo of the day

my new baby

yesterday i received the best package in the mail! my new macbook pro 15". i ordered it the second it was available. i attempted to take photos as i unpackaged it, but to be honest i didn't have much patience so the photos are horrible. i just wanted to rip that bad boy open. the words that literally left my mouth as i saw it for the first time were: "holy hotness!" it really is that sexy. i love it! i especially love the new keyboard! i could type all day! i'm still working on getting it up and fully's amazing how much stuff you forget you need to transfer until you start working! so, off i go to download some more software!

-image snagged from

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

october 19, 2008 - photo of the day

tweet tweet

i'm just hopping on every bandwagon lately. i keep getting sucked in by the people around me. so, if you're interested in hearing the little things i'm doing during the day, feel free to follow me on twitter:

see you there!

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bloesem kids feature

i was lucky enough to have a very lovely feature written up about fin+roe today on bloesem kids by the equally lovely irene. go check out what she had to say!

october 15, 2008 - photo of the day

my favorite place in the whole world: mom & dad's house

desk progress

slowly but surely i've been making progress on my desk project. after looking into my different options of paper vs. vinyl, i decided to go ahead with paper because it was quite a bit cheaper. to give you a rough idea of cost, i paid somewhere around $80 for a 34 inch x 14 foot printout of my selected pattern. i contacted a couple places in town that did large format printing and the people i ended up going with were great. here are some preliminary pictures of what it looks like:

what i ended up doing was basically decoupaging the paper onto the desk. it was definitely a 2 person job. once the glue was spread on the desk, i needed someone to hold the paper up so that i could gently smooth it onto the surface a little at a time. since the paper was very thin, it's not perfect. there are a few wrinkles here and there, but nothing i can't live with. also, the corners were rounded so it made finishing them a little difficult. since the desk is an "L" shape, there wasn't really any way for me to match up the patterns at the seams. at first this really bothered me, but i've since let it go. overall, i'm happy with it and it will do until i'm rich and famous and can afford a really nice desk. ;) these photos are from right after we set it up. i hadn't put anything back on it because i wanted to be able to show the whole surface in the photos first. i can't wait to "decorate" my desk now. i've already purchased a few things from ikea. i'll post more photos when that phase is complete.

those darned-tricky corners.

and a close-up of the pattern.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

more on that coupon code deal (15% off!!)

i thought i'd give this topic it's own post in case anyone was interested in learning more about what i briefly mentioned yesterday. so here's the deal:

1. go to and pick your favorite product
2. write a short post about your favorite item, making sure to include a link so others can check it out too
3. leave a comment here with a link to your post and an e-mail address where i can contact you
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super easy huh? good! now what are you waiting for? go check it out and find your favorite!

october 13, 2008 - photo of the day

Sunday, October 12, 2008

recent features for fin+roe

i realize i haven't been posting much about work lately. sometimes i'm so engrossed with what i'm doing that i forget to actually tell people about it! i've had a few blog features recently for the new division fin+roe. here's a peek:

design for mankind (i'm #8)

kim's blank canvas

baltimore mama

on a side note: if you'd like to help get the word out about fin+roe and get a little treat in return, just make a little mention of our site: on your blog (featuring your favorite item) and let us know about it. in return we'll send you a coupon code with a discount for anything on our site!

october 12, 2008 - photo of the day

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