my business(es)

marzipan inc. was started with a dream. as a young girl i would joke about someday ruling the world with a business of my own, soon found my dream unfolding in front of me. it all started when i made my wedding invitations in the fall of 2001. finding that i loved the process, my dream business started to emerge. that year i made small sets of handcrafted greeting cards to give to friends and family for christmas. the praise i received was unanimous and prompted me to take my dream more seriously. i approached several stores with my new cards in hand. to my delight, nearly every store i visited placed orders for my handcrafted originals. soon my little business was bustling. within the first year, i designed a line of over 150 original cards. now, 8 years later, the line is being distributed throughout the united states and canada.

with two little boys at home, i'm more determined than ever to live my dream to the fullest everyday.

shades of violet was developed in the spring of 2006 as an online retail site to feature all the work of marzipan inc.

fin+roe was launched in the fall of 2008. wanting to branch out into something more custom, i started the fin+roe brand as a division of marzipan inc. (named after my two boys, finley & rowan). i started off selling online only to determine how the line went over before trying to delve into the retail world. the response was amazing. everyone seemed drawn to the simple designs featuring classic patterns. the fact that you can choose your own colors and patterns on every design was a big hit. in the spring of 2009 i launched my signature album at the national stationery show for retailers to showcase in their shops.

citrus & clover (coming soon) was born out of a desire to expand fin+roe into what i envisioned in my mind, but never had the time or resources to pursue. in february of 2010, i partnered with the whitney english company for sales, marketing, customer service, fullfillment and accounting services of the citrus & clover brand (the new wholesale arm of fin+roe)

fresh snapped photos was started in the fall of 2009 after the response i started to receive from my photo of the day posts on this blog. while i don't have a lot of time to dedicate to the shop, my hubby tries to pitch in whenever needed.

to answer the question on all of your minds: yes, i work a lot.

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