Thursday, December 31, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas vacation


what we've been up to on our christmas vacation (so far):

christmas vacation

enjoying homemade pizza on christmas eve

christmas vacation

being spoiled by grandma with lots of messy cookies when mommy isn't watching

christmas vacation

building legos meant for kids twice his age

christmas vacation

finding toys (old and new) in every corner of the house.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas :: star bokeh


as you know, i'm a major bokeh lover. i've always admired photos of bokeh with shapes of lights. i've read some about it but never had the time to try it myself. after calling it quits this morning on the work front i immediately picked up my camera and headed off to try my hand at some shape bokeh. it took a couple tries, and it's still not perfect, but i think i have the basic idea down. hopefully i'll have some time to perfect it over the holidays with all of the available lights!

i leave you with my star bokeh for the holidays. merry christmas to all!

star bokeh

star bokeh

star bokeh

Monday, December 21, 2009

holiday card 2009


i know i said i was taking a blogging break, but i forgot that i still needed to post our 2009 holiday card. i was waiting for everyone to receive it in the mail before posting it here. i think the coast is clear now, so here's this year's design:




Friday, December 18, 2009

family friday :: the christmas tree


i'm leaving you today with photos of this year's christmas tree. for the first time ever i'm allowing myself to take a blogging break. i was going to wait until next week, but i've decided after a year of hard work, i deserve an extra week! i may stop in to say hi, but chance are you'll see me in 2010! (if you really can't live without me, i'm sure i'll be around on twitter and facebook) happy holidays everyone!

christmas tree

christmas tree

Thursday, December 17, 2009

december 17, 2009 :: it was an accident



thrifted :: holiday ornaments


over the summer i found an amazing find at a garage sale! a shoebox filled with vintage glass ornaments of every shape and size. these weren't just your typical glass balls, but birds, clowns, jesters, the list goes on and on! i was so excited. i can't remember if i paid $2 or $3 for the box, but either way, what a deal! here are a few of my favorites!

thrifted vintage ornaments

thrifted vintage ornaments

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

scoutie girl preview



my newest post is live on scoutie girl
check it out!

december 16, 2009 :: handmade christmas II


(if you haven't caught on yet, this week's photos of the day are sneak peeks of the handmade gifts i've made this year. all of them will be fully revealed after the recipients have had a chance to open them!)


that's what he said :: dance


when i was away in new york last week, the little dude told me on the phone that he had been drawing me some cards for when i got back home. he's been so creative about the things he chooses to draw and is always coming up with the best things for us to spell out for him. he'll give us big, long sentences and say: "ok, now how do i spell that". i must say, he's very patient and will sit there and write the whole thing out.

anyway, this is one of the pieces of artwork i returned home to find waiting for me.

do a dance

here's a breakdown:
i love you mommy
let's do a dance
(including hearts and smily faces)

then, below that on the left, there's a man cooking bratwurst on a "heater", meaning grill. (you can see he wrote the word "heater" in the grill) all the other stuff is a huge storm that the man is cooking in. i think i've mentioned before how obsessed with storms the little dude is. nearly all of his drawings include tornados or storms of some kind. it's always interesting when he comes home from school with tornados on his artwork. i wonder what his teachers think!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

december 15, 2009 :: handmade christmas



favorite of 2009


my parents asked me to design their holiday card this year for the first time. they had recently gotten an old '51 chevy (??) delivered to their "back 40" as they like to call it. it's really their wildflower garden that they've spent the last few years working on. they really wanted to use a photo of the truck on their christmas card but didn't know what to say. i liked the idea because it's not your typical holiday card. she asked me to come up with something funny. after hemming & hawing for awhile, this is what i came up with:

mom & dad christmas 2009

i wasn't sure what they would think. i know my parents can laugh at themselves, but i wasn't really sure if this is what they wanted their christmas cards to say. my mom called when she got the proof and said it was "freaking hilarious". now, if you know anything about my mom, you know that's a HUGE statement. she's not the type to get worked up about things AT. ALL.

so here it is. my favorite design for 2009. unexpected. funny.

Monday, December 14, 2009

marzipan monday :: where i've been


wow. it's been a whirlwind the past week here at marzipan inc. last weekend we had 2 holiday shows, then i packed up last wednesday afternoon and headed to new york for one final trunk show. i got home friday and was exhausted. i spent saturday and sunday getting all of our holiday cards done and cranking out handmade christmas presents that i started way back in september, but had since fallen to the wayside. i'm not really sure which way is up right now, but i'm hoping by the end of the week i'll have a better idea. lots more to do before our first holiday gathering on saturday!

(this is a photo of my tables at the ny show. it was at an amazing residence on park avenue that was filled top to bottom with original artwork, a personal chef, and a butler. oh, the life!)

ny show

december 14, 2009 :: the first gift of christmas



Thursday, December 10, 2009

out of touch


i will be out of touch for much of today and tomorrow as i am in new york at a trunk show. i leave you with a photo of the day (below) that i took on my way into new york last night. see you soon!

december 10, 2009 :: on a jet plane


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