Friday, February 26, 2010

february 26, 2010 :: chilly



BIG, EXCITING changes for fin+roe!


i cannot begin to explain to you how excited i am to finally announce the following news. i've been tucking this information up my sleeve for almost 3 months now!

back in december i was offered the amazing opportunity to partner with the whitney english company for sales, marketing, customer service, fullfillment and accounting services for my fin+roe brand! i was honored to hear that a stationery veteran such as whitney thought my line was something she'd like to align with her own.

i've had really great feedback on my fin+roe line since it launched, but i just don't have the time it takes to grow it in the way i want to. this partnership will afford fin+roe so many opportunities in a way that i would not have been able to do on my own. now, i will be able to focus my attention solely on designing instead of sales, marketing, customer service, and accounting while the whitney english team takes care of those things for me!

of course, a few changes come with this partnership. the biggest change will be the brand under which fin+roe is sold wholesale. for those of you not in the stationery business, it might seem confusing to change the name of my company. let me try to explain. i will continue to sell the fin+roe line online through my site. nothing there will change. (including my new letterpress line) however, by doing this, i'm technically competing with our wholesale retailers who invest money in our brand in order to sell it. to ensure i do not directly compete with them, we're going to be selling wholesale under a different brand. so, here's the big brand reveal. fin+roe wholesale will now be sold under the name citrus+clover, and here's the lovely logo.


i'm so excited about this new opportunity. i have been feverishly working on getting my line complete so that the team at whitney english can have an album ready for release in time for the national stationery show this may. (or, maybe even sooner!) they'll be taking pre-orders for the updated album immediately. hopefully, this means that by the end of the year, you will see citrus+clover in a store near you!

if you're a retailer interested in pre-ordering the citrus+clover album, please contact the whitney english company at: 405.608.0061

if you're a current retailer of the fin+roe album, the whitney english team will be contacting you with the details on how to switch over to the new brand.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

february 25, 2010 :: encapsulated



thrifted :: howard pierce doves


this past summer i found an adorable set of howard pierce birds (doves, i believe) on ebay. i'm not a huge ebay buyer but i just happened to be browsing. i bid on them and won the pair for approximately $20. then, a few weeks later we were at a flea market and my hubby spotted another pair of different howard pierce birds (geese)! we scored the second set for a mere $5! i can't remember which set is which now, but i believe these are the ones from ebay. i'll have to feature the other set another time.


as a side note, everything you see in this photo happens to be thrifted! i got the great type tray from my brother & sister-in-law for my birthday this past fall. i'm hoping to spend my summer finding tiny treasures to fill it with!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

february 24, 2010 :: wound tight



scoutie girl feature :: coffee



my newest post is live on scoutie girl
check it out!

that's what he said wednesday :: sweetness


even though he's known as the holy-terror in this house, the baby really does have a super-sweet side to him where you just want to eat him up and cuddle him forever.


one of the things he does that's just the sweetest is try to take care of me when i don't feel well. it can be something as simple as being tired, having a headache, or having a bad day. he instantly acknowledges it and says: "mommy, i'll feel you better" and climbs up on my lap to give me a great big hug or he'll bring me his favorite toy. such a little lover.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

february 22, 2010 :: bedtime for teddy



marzipan monday :: new letterpress cards from fin+roe


today is a very, very exciting day! the fact that i can finally make this announcement makes me giddy to say the least! so here you go, the big reveal....


our great fin+roe patterns are now available on letterpress greeting cards!
we've been feverishly working over the past 9 months to bring you an amazing line of letterpress cards based on our classic patterns from fin+roe. each card is greeted on both the outside AND the inside!

with simple, straight-forward greetings on the outside, you'll be taken off guard to find the sassy, snarky, & sweet greetings inside.

who says letterpress cards can't be beautiful and clever at the same time?

visit fin+roe to view the entire collection or to order some up today!
if you're a retailer who would like to carry this letterpress line in your store, please contact our distributor at 1.866.763.3861 to schedule an appointment with your local rep.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

february 18, 2010 :: emerson



thrifted :: scissors


these gorgeous pair of scissors was purchased at an estate sale a couple weeks ago. i just love the yellow handles and the patina on the blades. i could clean them up but i kinda like them the way they are.



scoutie girl feature :: blown away


i was so blown away by this discovery last night that i just had to share. tara from scoutie girl wrote a post yesterday about what inspires her. being a super-amazing blogger, tara sees a million beautiful things every day. she's surrounded by inspiration in everything she does. you can only imagine my surprise when i discovered little old me in her list of people that inspire her! i nearly fell off the couch. (see, that's me there in the lower left! ....and that's my good friend mari right above me!) it ALWAYS amazes me when someone says that i inspire them, but this....this is beyond amazing to me. this is a woman who runs a super-successful blog and has a baby at home. being someone in the same situation, i know how much work that takes. the fact that she's inspired by me or anything i do is just about the biggest form of flattery you could possibly give me. thank you tara. the feeling is mutual!

scoutie girl feature

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

things i want tuesday :: olympic mittens


lucky you! a double-feature of things i want tuesday! today's second thing i want comes from my good friend fiona's blog, cafe cartolina. she's having a giveaway for, what sounds like, several pairs of coveted olympic mittens! they look so warm and cozy....i sure could use a pair....good thing i'm going to be winning her giveaway! oh, and you can enter too. (even though i'm already going to win)


february 16, 2010 :: hex II



things i want tuesday :: vintage cabinet cards


i was introduced to these fun digital vintage cabinet cards by katrina over at pugly pixel. i think they'd be a fun way to spruce up your everyday photos. i'm sure many use them for their scrapbooks, but i think they'd be super fun on a blog as well. maybe i'll buy a set and use them for my thrifty finds thursday for a vintage feel!

photo cards

vintage cabinet cards :: $3.99

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's day garland

happy valentine's day!

i made this simple valentine's garland for a valentine swap hosted by carina of crown and canary out of a few basic craft supplies and some vintage buttons. super easy and cute!

valentine garland

Saturday, February 13, 2010

bloganistas :: weekly wardrobe :: week 3


i'm a little behind on my weekly wardrobe photos for the bloganista's pool, but here's a quick snapshot i took before heading off to volunteer for the little dude's v-day party at school yesterday.

weekly wardrobe #3

Friday, February 12, 2010

february 12, 2010 :: in stitches



family friday :: school valentines



the little dude and i made these cuties for his valentine's day party at school. it's a version of something i saw on martha once. i punched 4 hearts per pop and hot glued them together and attached them. the little dude wrote "love finley" on a leaf for each flower. they were a big hit.
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