Monday, May 31, 2010

fresh snapped photos :: update


fantastic news! after a little bit of a hiatus, we're beginning to upload some new photos to fresh snapped photos on etsy! the hubby is once again taking over this task and has uploaded three new photos. we'll continue to add a few new ones each day until all the photos i've selected are all available for purchase.

if you'd like to get regular updates of what's been posted, become a fan of fresh snapped photos' facebook page, or follow me on twitter.

as always, if you'd like to purchase a photo you've seen here that you don't see in the shop, just shoot me an e-mail and i'll set you up!


branch of blooms

bedtime for teddy

photo of the day :: month in review :: may


may mosaic

may 31, 2010 :: s'more please



Friday, May 28, 2010

may 28, 2010 :: pure joy



family friday :: pbs


this week, our first family pet passed away. when the little dude was nearly three years old we got him a blue beta fish. we let him pick a name, and since he was obsessed with curious george on pbs, he chose to name his fish pbs. (sometimes affectionately referring to him as pbskids dot org) it was the first experience with death for both of our boys.

(finding the perfect place to bury his beloved fish)

when we first told the little dude he sort of just brushed it off like it was no big deal. knowing him like we do, we knew that wasn't the end of it. we followed-up with him and told him it was ok to be sad. as soon as he heard those words he broke down and cried. we asked him if he would like to bury him outside which he didn't really understand. since he has no experience with death he didn't understand why we would bury his fish in the ground. after explaining it, we went outside and he searched for the perfect place to bury pbs.


he finally decided that we would bury him right next to the newly planted sunflower seeds "so he can have plenty of shade from the flowers". doesn't it make your heart melt? so daddy and the little dude dug a little hole for pbs.


we all gathered around and we asked the little dude if he wanted to say something nice about pbs. he wasn't really sure what to say, so i suggested he could talk about what a good pet he had been and how much he would miss him. in the end, he decided to just say "i love you pbs."


we marked the spot with a rock from pbs' fish tank so that the kids could go visit him whenever they wanted. i heard him tell daddy later that night: "i'm going to say good morning and good night to pbs every single day."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

may 27, 2010 :: wish in waiting



thrifted :: things to fill my type drawer


one of my 101 in 1001 goals is to fill my vintage type drawer with fun little items. i went to a HUGE flea market the day before i left for the national stationery show.

vintage type tray

here are all my treasures from the flea market. i found a lot of little goodies. it was hard trying to find inexpensive little things. i tried to keep each item in the $2 range because when you have a million little spaces to fill, the cost adds up quickly.

i got the 2 buck/reindeer on the top for $4 for the pair. they're about a millimeter too big to fit in the largest hole. darn. but i think they look just as cute on top. i found some great copper and wood type. i got a few individual pieces like a clown face, and a unicorn and then some individual letters to spell out "fin" and "roe". i found some hand cast lead toy soldiers, a cow, two little white ceramic birds, and a few other farm animals. looks like i have quite the little animal theme going. it's fun to start seeing it come together.

lead horse

i also bought this super heavy, i assume it's lead, horse. she's so lovely and has an amazing patina. i believe she was once covered completely in a copper finish that you can see on her head and rear legs. i also believe she may have had a real hair tail, or some other sort of attached tail as it's now gone. she's a little too big to fit in my drawer spaces, but she's found a home right next to the drawer and keeps the other animals company.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

may 26, 2010 :: standing tall



that's what he said wednesday :: dr. protection



as much as i talk about this little man being such a crazy maniac, he can really be the most lovie-dovie little guy. it's not uncommon for him to ask: "mommy, can i be your lover", meaning that he wants to come on the couch with me and cuddle on my lap. if i'm feeling under the weather he'll say: "it's ok mommy, i'm going to feel you better", and he'll come and give me a big hug.

he was never a particularly cuddly baby, but he's going though a phase now to make up for it. (and i'm going to take what i can get!)

the week before i left for the stationery show, the little dude had a really horrible cough that lasted for a good week. at one point the baby turns to me with concern and says:

"mommy, we need to take finley to a dr. to protect his cough."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

may 25, 2010 :: in the sunshine



things i want tuesday :: floppy bunny



this bunny and his floppy ears are just about the cutest thing ever! i'm sure either one of my boys would give this guy lots of lovin' xmoonbloom :: $40

Monday, May 24, 2010

may 24, 2010 :: under the blossoms



marzipan monday :: stationery show 2010


last week i was away at the national stationery show for a few days. i can't really remember which number this is for me. i think it's somewhere around #7 or so. this year was different for me than in the past. because of all the changes i've made in my business over the past year, i didn't actually have anything to display in a booth of my own. now that my greeting cards are with a distributor and my fin+roe line is available through the english paper company as citrus & clover, i'm no longer in charge of sales of any of my products! i thought it would be a relief, which it was partly, but it's also a little nerve wracking to hand everything over! luckily i think i'm in pretty good hands in both scenarios!

nss 2010

this was my pretty little corner of the whitney english booth where citrus & clover made it's official debut. i love the framed magnet displays where all of the printed samples were hung.

nss 2010

and here's the album itself. i'm so excited to get it into retailers hands and get their feedback.

nss 2010

i spent much of my time at the show with my friends from a fresh bunch. (please excuse the horrible shots, i was working with limited camera capabilities & bad, bad lighting!) our booth was put together in less than a week which just blows my mind! jenny from hen and barley press was a miracle worker!

nss 2010

nss 2010

a fresh bunch had an amazing response to a great new program we're offering called the print in store program. this program allows retailers to print our great designs right in their store. immediate gratification. above are a few shots of some of the different designs we had on display for the retailers to see in person. below, are some of the designs i'm going to be offering.

nss 2010

nss 2010

nss 2010

i have to say that it was one of my most exciting shows ever! even though i didn't have a booth of my very own, i had many extraordinary things happening all at the same time. i'm so excited to see what the rest of the year has to offer! i have a feeling it's going to be a big year for changes in my company!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


sorry i've disappeared. i'm in new york at the national stationery show and was too busy to write a post letting you all know i'd be gone for a few days! i'm coming back tomorrow, but it might take a few days to get back into the swing of things! see you all soon!
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