Tuesday, April 24, 2007

it's a . . .

well, we’re almost to the halfway point! we had our ultrasound yesterday and have included some of the pictures above.

we also found out that we’ll be having a little brother for the little dude! (although he’s not too convinced!) if you ask him, he still says: “baby brother, sister”. (and no, there aren’t 2 in there!) he’s also informed me that we need to name his baby brother “doctor baby”.

the new little bean is quite the mover and shaker and it was tough for the technician to get any decent pictures. she must have tried for 15 or 20 minutes at the end just to get a good image to give us, but gave up as he decided to turn his back to the "camera".

Thursday, April 19, 2007

art school

tuesday was a sad day as it was our last day of art school. the little dude loves it so much and will miss it terribly, i'm sure. i took the camera on tuesday to take a few shots of what goes on at school. i should have taken it a different day as the projects were limited since we wouldn't have time for anything to dry and take home. normally there are many, many more "wet" projects.

face painting. of course it had to be "mick*y mous* cl*bhouse", so mommy drew on some classic ears.

top: getting ready to do a full-body tracing. top right: the little dude adding "features" to his face.
bottom: my little lefty at the easel doing a collaborative painting. bottom left: again, contributing his part to the group project.

top: "cutting" play-doh* and driving "dumper trucks" through it for fun!
bottom: looking at some grass throug the magnifying glass.

ending the day with his favorite parachute! he freaking LOVES this thing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


this year was the first time that the little dude really understood what easter was all about. for weeks before if you asked him what the easter bunny was going to bring, he would say "num n nums" (m&m's). he was pretty excited about the whole thing. we wrote a note to the easter bunny and left it by his basket before bed. the easter bunny even hid the little dude's basket for the first time! i think he may have to hide it a little better next year because he found it pretty quickly.

here are some photos of the little dude digging into his stash of num n nums.

we went to my aunt and uncle's house for a gathering with our extended family. we always have an easter egg hunt. it's the first time he really enjoyed that too. he got to collect 7 eggs with tons of goodies inside. i love the photo on the left with his squishy excited face! too funny.

overall, we had a blast. it's so much fun when the kiddos start to understand all the holidays. oh, and the little dude got to wear his big brother shirt that i posted about. everyone loved it and now the entire family knows our news! too bad i don't have a photo of him in it without his jacket on! oopps!


i've been a real slacker in posting about this, and i feel horrible. the whole preparation for the national stationery show is really kicking my butt! i can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since i've posted anything!

anyway, i'm excited to announce that marzipan inc. has partnered with another online retailer! modishoppe is now open for business and you can find a few of our things there! go check it out. it's full of great stuff!
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