Monday, June 23, 2008

month in review

ever since returning from the national stationery show, i've been a bit consumed with work. i've been working from the moment i wake up in the morning until the moment i go to bed at night....literally. plus, i'm working on the weekends every chance i get. i feel like i pretty much missed the last month of posting about my family and what's going on here. so, in order to catch-up, i'm doing one big post about what we've done since i got home.

the little dude graduated from pre-school

and got a big boy bike that his cousin had outgrown

and built a kite with daddy and went to the park to fly it.

in his own words: "mommy, look! a zebra running with a party hat!"

again, in his own words: "mommy, i brought you some flowers and a pebble so you can look at them and they can make you happy!"

we went to a father's day event at the local airpot where he got to sit in a plane....

and a flight for life helicopter....

and a firetruck.....

and a tractor....

and an ORANGE! tractor....

and then we got to eat CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!!!!

my stubborn orchid decided to finally grace us with some flowers!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

9 months

this month has been a challenging one. since learning to crawl, this little guy has not stopped moving. he now crawls up the stairs and pretty much anywhere else he's not allowed. it was nearly impossibly to take his monthly photo, thus the image above. most of the others were of him crawling away from me. i still wouldn't trade him in for the world. when this guy is happy, he's so smiley and funny, and giggly, i just want to eat him up.

and here's a photo where you can actually see his chubby-cheeked cherub face.

Monday, June 09, 2008


i've been so busy updating my new little business website i can hardly see straight. i've gone through and taken down a lot of products that i still need to edit and re-posted others that i've already "worked my magic" on. i'm pretty happy with the changes i've made so far. once i get everything looking the way i want it, i'll transfer the site to my new secret domain name and swap out the graphics with my new "look" and logo. i'm pretty excited to reveal it all, but i want to wait until i'm happy with everything first before putting "my" name on it.

i've also been busy developing a new series of designs for the new site. (the image above is a sneak peek) they're more the direction i want to take once i get up and rolling. until then, the edited designs will work.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

that's what he said : part 5

it's that time again!

[his pronunciation of magazine] : "maz-a-geen"

[his pronunciation of spaghetti] : "ska-bet-ee"

mommy: what kind of fruit did you have?
little dude: a cookie!

mommy: what's wrong? why are you crying?
little dude: i cry because grandma was missing us

little dude: we need to take a picture of you painting.
mommy: we do?
little dude: yeah, & then hang it up!
mommy: yeah?
little dude: yeah, by my........ummmmm......toybox.
mommy: oh really?
little dude: yeah, and you can look at it and like it ALL the time.
mommy: haha, you crack me up kid.
little dude: yeah.

[little dude talking to daddy in the bathroom]:
"this is an important story.....ok?
you go fast with my toothbrush.
i'll go fast with the water
now let's do this!"

mommy: what did you do at school today?
little dude: we planted beans!
mommy: oh, maybe we should plant a little garden this year. we could plant, carrots, beans, peas......
little dude: and sami's! [as in sandwiches]
mommy: haha, no honey, you don't plan sami's. they don't grow in the ground.
little dude: [truly upset and looking very close to crying] but they'll be so yummy!

little dude: mommy, what's this?
mommy: it's a tootsie roll honey. you know, tootsies, just like your toes!
little dude: [examining the tootsie roll closely] no. it's not like my tootsies. mine have long legs!

[lyrics to ring around the rosie] : "ring around the rosie, poppets full of rosies"

[when asked what he wanted to eat after he ate a brownie] : "now i want something that isn't chewy and brown!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a BIG announcement

one of the many reasons i've been so lacking in posts lately is this:

i am now the proud owner of simply sweet announcements! it's an online shop that sells custom photo correspondence. i actually bought this business from another paper entrepreneur. there are a ton of things i want to do with the business. the first are going to be a name change, tweaks to the webite and the products, and then the addition of more "marzipan inc.-like" designs! i'm super excited about the possibilities of this business and all that it can become. so please visit often and tell your friends! after the revamp is done i plan to do a major marketing campaign to get the word out. my goal is to have everything done that i've listed above by the beginning of september...just in time for the holiday photo card season! until then i will be working my patootie off and filling any orders that may come my way!

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