Wednesday, March 31, 2010

scoutie girl feature :: lockets



my newest post is live on scoutie girl
check it out!

march 31, 2010 :: green



that's what he said wednesday :: camper


today i'm featuring another piece of the little dude's artwork. he's really into cutting his drawings out of the paper he drew them on. (which kills me, but it's impossible to stop him)

kid's art

here's a scan of one of his latest. he explained to me that it was a truck pulling a camper. you can see the two seats and the steering wheel in the truck portion as well as the red headlights. when i asked what the pennant-like pattern was on the side of the camper he said that, of course, it was just pretty decoration. i love the details that he always seems to throw into his artwork. he certainly has an eye for details.

i have a bunch of other art that he's done recently that i cannot wait to share! come back next wednesday for more!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

march 30, 2010 :: spring break



in other news :: interview on one sydney road


i guess it's a big week for interviews here! another interview i did recently went live this morning!

one sydney road

the lovely piper from one sydney road asked if i'd be willing to answer a few questions about my business and did a lovely job putting together this post based on my answers. her introduction was so sweet, made it worth getting out of bed this morning!

thanks so much piper!

things i want tuesday :: abstract landscape


i spotted this amazing artwork on scoutie girl yesterday. it immediately found itself bookmarked in my "art i NEED" folder.

siiso print

abstract landscape :: siiso :: $20

Monday, March 29, 2010

march 29, 2010 :: sedum sprouts



marzipan monday :: citrus & clover feature


english paper company

my citrus & clover wholesale line was featured today on the english paper company blog. i'm so excited about the partnership and what's to come!

Friday, March 26, 2010

march 26, 2010 :: chipped



family friday :: spring has sprung


not a whole lot new here at home. i'm busy with work, school is still in session, spring is starting to peek it's head in every once in awhile.


the baby has been into deciding what he should wear every day. he's been OBSESSED with hoodies and insists on wearing one everyday. when we had gone through every hoodie in his closet, he opted for this corduroy smoking jacket that made him look like harry potter with his orange striped shirt underneath. and, of course, no outfit is complete with out a hat and sunglasses. especially in the house.

the little dude has been ecstatic about the spring. he's all about riding his bike and we've enjoyed a few play dates across the street at our park with a sweet little girl in his class.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

march 25, 2010 :: baby bloom



thrifted :: strawberry


this adorable little strawberry container was found at my local thrift store this past weekend. she was very dirty, but after a spin in the dishwasher, her true beauty can shine through. and for a whopping 50 cents, how could i not bring her home?

thrifted strawberry

my morning in review


this pretty sums up my morning so far. it's only 9:30 and it's been one thing after another. imagine this, but happening every 5 minutes while you're trying to work. yeah. that's my life.

spilled milk

in case you didn't notice, that's the cup way at the top of the photo....yeah, the one that spilled a full cup of milk all over the floor and then rolled a trail of milk all the way across the room and under the island. all thanks to the baby.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

scoutie girl feature :: baskets



my newest post is live on scoutie girl
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march 24, 2010 :: fuzzy sprout



that's what he said wednesday :: the beginning of the end


well, it's finally happened. the little dude, the most well behaved child on the planet, brought home a "card" from school yesterday.


"pulling a card" is their discipline system at school. it comes with a huge stigma both at school and in our home. basically, there are several different colored cards, each representing worse behavior. when a child misbehaves he "pulls a card". it's filled out by the teacher and sent home for the parents to sign and return the next day. from the beginning of the school year the little dude would come home and tell us about who had been naughty that day and "pulled a card". we had many discussions about how we didn't want to see any cards brought home.

i was shocked when he got off the bus and immediately told me that he had pulled a card. you could tell that he was nervous about telling me but i was proud that he wasn't trying to hide it. we weren't able to get much out of him about what happened other than what the teacher had written on his card.


it says: "usually finley is an excellent listener, but today he was talking in the hallway after being reminded." in our own admission, not a huge deal. however, being his first card, we wanted to make sure the punishment was something that would deter him from bringing another one home. his punishment was no legos from tusday night until saturday...a pretty big punishment for a 5 year old, but we wanted to make it clear that we weren't happy about the card. at the same time we also wanted him to know that it didn't change how we felt about him and that we loved him very much.

fast forward to today as i was taking the little dude to school. the baby was along in the car and they were having a giggle session over some "poop" talk. this was not something we had a problem with until about 2 or 3 weeks ago. suddenly everything is "poop" this and "poop" that. i had enough and told them in the car that every single time they said the word poop, they were going to move down their winning stick 3 spots. (a pretty big punishment. 3 spots is a LOT.)

we got to school a little early and i was talking to the little dude about yesterday trying to get some more details about what happened. here's our conversation:

me: "so did mrs. w. punish you for pulling a card? like did you have to put your head down on the desk for awhile?"

l.d.: "yes, i had to put my head down and i missed water break, but then she said i could get up"

me: "so did you say you were sorry for not listening and pulling a card?"

l.d.: "no, i just put my head down."

me: "ok, well today when you see mrs. w. i want you to tell her you're sorry for not listening and for pulling a card."

l.d.: "ok."

me: "so were you talking with someone else in the hallway and goofing around?"

l.d.: "yeah, me and "d" were talking."

me: "what were you talking about that was so important?"

l.d.: [whispering] "i don't want to say it out loud because i'll move down my winning stick 3 spots."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

march 23, 2010 :: spiral petals



things i want tuesday :: washi tape


this amazing washi tape has been all over the internet for the past couple months. i've been trying to ignore it, not because it's not beautiful, but because i'm the type of person who will buy hoards of it but never use it because it's too pretty. so, while i'm still trying to stop myself from making a purchase, it does make it to my list of the things i'd like to have.

washi tape

cute tape :: $9 (set of 3)

Monday, March 22, 2010

march 22, 2010 :: pedal away



marzipan monday :: new design


i just sent off a print run of 18,000 card for marzipan inc. which includes 18 new designs! i'm so excited to see them printed. here's one of the new designs included in this run...a new thank you card.


Friday, March 19, 2010

march 19, 2010 :: swingin'



family friday :: grandma's fort


last sunday we spent the day at my parent's house with my brother and his family. the little dude and his cousin "e" are best buddies. they have so much fun together. they decided they wanted to make a fort and asked papa for a cardboard box. they spent time making signs and pictures to hang on their fort. they then asked grandma to make a sign for their fort with their names on it. this is grandma's sign:

grandma's fort sign

how closely did you look? need a close-up?

grandma's fort sign

yup. that's my mom. if you know my mom at all, this is classic. she had no idea what she had written until a couple hours later when my brother looked at it and said: "did you write: finley's and emma's fart?"

i immediately took pictures and my mom said: "you're not going to put this on your blog are you?"

yes, yes i am.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

march 18, 2010 :: growth



thrifted :: cameo


i visited an estate sale last week that was full of great items. unfortunately, the prices at this place were ridiculous! for example, a crappy, little sunbeam iron....the kind you find in a cheap hotel, had a price tag on it of $32 freaking dollars!! what? anyway, i made my way around hoping to find a treasure with a reasonable price tag. 

i made it through the whole house without finding anything that was reasonable enough to buy. they had a small tray of items at the check out table that i decided to look at on my way out. 

cameo front

i quickly spied this amazing cameo. it's heftier than most cameos i've seen. because of it's thickness, i assumed it was a locket of some sort. i saw a small hinge at the bottom of the back side (shown below, left) but couldn't get it open for the life of me. finally, after struggling with it, i figured out how to pry it open.

cameo back & inside

to my surprise, it was filled with, what i thought was, balm of some sort. (seen above, right) the lady at the table informed me that i was perfume. of course, at this point it doesn't smell the best (or maybe that's what it's supposed to smell like). i thought i might clean it out and put some sort of solid lip balm in it.

i also broke my jewelry rule on this piece. i typically don't spend more than $5 on my vintage jewelry pieces, but this one was marked at $8 and just stole my heart, so i had to bring her home with me.
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