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what i made at school today....

the little dude was trying to tell the hubby what he made at school today. according to him, ukulele is correctly pronounced as: uku-alien

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february 25, 2009 - photo of the day

scoutie girl preview

wonderful wednesday! check out my new post at scoutie girl and find out what the pretty pink dress is all about!

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february 23, 2009 - photo of the day


the little dude is turning into quite the little artist these days. usually he draws things like people or just scribbles on the paper for fun. this is the first time that he sat down and actually tried to draw something that was in front of him. we were in the other room and when we came back to check on him he said "look, i drew this ship!". we were both pretty surprised when we could actually see the resemblance.


i hadn't had a chance to get to target since orla's products were released. from what i had been reading all over the blogosphere, my chances of finding anything was pretty slim if i didn't get there right away. plus, being in a small town, i figured our store wouldn't have much of a selection. we ended up making a trip this past sunday and low and behold, a whole end cap of orla! i know i complain about living in a small town and not having anywhere to shop etc. now i've finally found a benefit! since i'm pretty much the only person in this town who even knows who orla is, i had plenty to choose from! they didn't have everything from her line, but they had a good selection. of course i had the hardest time choosing. i really wanted her canisters, but we already have new ones for the kitchen and i didn't know what i'd use them for. i settled for a grey pear mug and two of square bowls in brown and orange. if anyone out there wants anything and can't get it, let me know! i'd be happy to pick some up and ship it!

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fort weekend

this weekend the hubby built a fort for the little dude in his bedroom by taking his comforter and connecting it from the bed to his bookshelves. i cannot tell you how cool the little dude thought this was. here he is after waking up from his nap (sans glasses) which, of course, had to be taken in his fort and not his bed. i figured there would be no napping actually taking place, but surprisingly he took quite a good little nap under there!

these are all the essentials for napping in the fort: pile of books. check. tons of stuffed friends. check. blankets. check. pillows. check.

and here's a photo of what the fort looked like from the outside.

february 22, 2009 - photo of the day

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we took the little dude to watch coraline on opening weekend. it was a little scary for a 4 year old, so on the way home we decided to talk about our favorite (non-scary) parts of the movie. i said that i loved coraline's blue hair and fingernails, to which the little dude promptly said: "mommy, you should have blue fingernails."

because i didn't want to disappoint him i bought a 99 cent bottle at the drug store. at first it was a shock to the system, but now i actually kinda dig them! i may have to invest in a more expensive version that actually stays on for more than 2 minutes without chipping.

p.s. the little dude LOVES them!
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february 14, 2009 - photo of the day

(a heart made by the little dude at pre-school. every other parent came out with pink, red, or purple hearts. love it!)

happy valentine's day!

the sweetest valentine written entirely by the little dude. i've never seen him write so much at one time. the best gift ever! i'm so lucky to have 3 valentines.

eta: i'm not sure why the photo looks like such crap at this size. if you click on it to get a larger version it looks a little better. still not great. ugh.

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february 13, 2009 - photo of the day

happy valentine's day!

this year for valentine's day, the little dude made up little bags for all his friends in his class. they made little "mailboxes" at pre-school for their valentines and today was the big day. the little dude has been talking non-stop about it. i found the idea for the wording of the pencils online somewhere, but unfortunately cannot remember where.

i made little flags to attach to the top of the pencils with a pattern design. on one side it said: "write on, valentine" and the other side said: "thank you for being my friend". the little dude signed his name on the back of each one. he was so patient and did over 20 tags with his full name.

after we put the tags on the pencils we tucked them in a cellophane bag with some valentine themed m&m's.

here's a shot of the back with the little dude's signature.

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february 12, 2009 - photo of the day

zip it!

over the weekend the hubby was reworking some of our electronics and had a little bag of zip ties that he was using to wrap up the cords. the boys got hold of the bag and took them to the neighboring room. this is what i found when i looked over:

they were taking each one and sticking it down into the carpet so that they stood up! such creative little guys!

the baby grabbing his handful.

i love that they look like a little forest of skinny trees.

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scoutie girl preview

this week's scoutie girl post is live!

february 11, 2009 - photo of the day


this is becoming an issue. work is not getting done....

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that's what he said : part 9

the little dude and the hubby got a series of books from the library a few weeks ago all about planets, the moon, the sun, etc. they read a different one every night until they made it through the entire series. apparently, as illustrated in the story below, he was really listening.

this morning when the hubby walked into the little dude's bedroom to get him up, he found the little dude looking over his headboard at the two paintings i did for him when he moved to a big boy bedroom.

the first is of an astronaut in a space suit on which i painted a name tag with the little dude's name.

the other, a rocket ship with planets and stars in the background.

so the hubby says: "what'cha doing?"

little dude: "just looking at the paintings that mommy made for me. is that me in the astronaut suit with my name on it? and that's my rocket?"

hubby: "it sure is buddy. you can take the rocket to explore the planets and the stars. but you can't really land on a star because it's too hot."

little dude: "and because it's made of gas."

february 10, 2009 - photo of the day

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february 09, 2009 - photo of the day

again. . .

this has been happening a lot lately. poor guy is teething like crazy and has a faucet for a nose today. not very conducive for getting work done.

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scoutie girl preview

go check out my latest contribution on scoutie girl

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