Tuesday, February 26, 2008

just cute

just a cute picture that i wanted to share of my little guy. he's always so serious.


am i the only one that's disturbed by the following project my little dude did at pre-school?

this month they're studying teeth and learning about going to the dentist. this is their interpretation of teeth. (beans stuck in pink play doh) sorry, but this little piece of artwork grosses me out!


i just had to share with everyone how my little guy likes to enjoy his meals. seriously. as soon as you put him in his high chair, that foot sneaks it's way out and stays there the whole time. same foot every time. i'm not exactly sure how that's comfortable, but there's no convincing him otherwise.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

chore chart

wow, i feel like i've been away for awhile. lots going on around here. i just realized the other day that it's almost march. that's not good. i'm supposed to have all of my holiday designs done at the beginning of march to send out to my reps. i hadn't even started yet. oops! i spent this last week designing my little heart out. i'm happy to say that i at least have all of my holiday counter cards done. phew! i still want to design a calendar, some magnets, and some boxed holiday products! guess i should have started awhile ago! oops again!

things have been going well around the house. the baby finally seems to be getting over his colic (amen.....he'll be 6 months next week!!) it's been a really, really, really, long 6 months. i'm hoping that by actually writing this i don't jinx anything!

the little dude is doing well too. he's sick AGAIN! this first year of pre-school is a real tough one as far as sickness goes! hopefully it will build up his immune system and we won't have any next year! haha!

we felt it was time to start a chore chart for the little dude. nothing major. just stuff he does most days anyway, but something to reinforce responsibilities etc. i drew up this little chart this morning. he gets to put an X next to each thing he does. then when they're all finished, he gets to put a little sticker in the last box. i have a list for both morning and night. we'll see how he does with it. he was pretty excited to finish everything this morning.

here's a copy. you can click on it for a larger version. i made sure to spell out the days of the week so we can help reinforce what's he's learning at pre-school. i also drew little pictures next to each item so he can "read" it without us and know what he needs to do next.

here's a blank version if you'd like to print one out for yourself and write in your own chores for the kiddos. (just click on it to get the larger version first and save it to your computer.)

Friday, February 15, 2008

now open!

the etsy shop is now open! go get some good deals! feel free to let me know what you think with some feedback!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

new venture

because i don't have enough going on in my life, i thought i'd add yet another! (smirk, smirk)

the launch of the new marzipan inc. etsy site will be tuesday the 19th at 9:00 a.m. CST. our new etsy site will be the retail outlet for all of our misfit and/or discontinued cards! you'll be able to get cards that normally retail for $5.00 each for a mere $1.50! as well as selling our discontinued products, we will also be test-marketing new products! you'll have the opportunity to be the first to see brand new cool stuff! (the first of which being some really super cool new magnets which will be available on tuesday....here's a sneak peek!)

at the extremely low prices we're selling our goods for, i expect them to go rather quickly, so mark your calendars for tuesday morning at 9:00 cst! we'll see you there! happy shopping!

valentine's day

now that the little dude is in preschool we're having to do the whole valentine's day treats & cards thing. when i saw the felt fortune cookie project in the february martha magazine, i immediately flagged it as something i wanted to do with him. we made them quite a few weeks ago. they're filled with a fortune and 2 hershey's kisses. here are the results.

then we bought some gift bags and filled them with the fortune cookies, pencils, a valentine, and lots of confetti (or sprinkles as the little dude likes to call them) he couldn't wait to give them away at school yesterday. he even learned how to lick his first envelope after signing each and every card for his classmates.

special day

this past weekend we had a special day with the little dude. we dropped baby brother off at grandma & papa's house for a day all to ourselves.

we headed down to milwaukee and started off with lunch at maggiano's. the little dude got the biggest chocolate milk on earth, onion strings, raviolis, and ice cream for dessert. (as is evident in the brain freeze photo at the bottom!)

then we headed off to the betty brinn children's museum for their curious george exhibit. the little dude had quite a blast! we couldn't get him off of the "play" train to save our lives! here are some pics. (fyi papa: that's the little dude sorting mail in the bottom photo!)

Friday, February 08, 2008

5 months

my little man : chubby cheeks : ticklish tootsies : soft heart : giggly : sitting up : eating real food : holding toys : talking up a storm : loving his big brother, music, & his bouncy swing : inquizitive : growing so fast

storm of the century

here in south-eastern wisconsin, we're still digging out from the storm of the century! wednesday we got a crazy 16.5" of snowfall in 24 hours! there's only one other storm in history that was worse. (1924 brought 18 inches in 24 hours) it was completely insane. people were stranded on highways behind accidents that couldn't be cleared and the national guard was out on snowmobiles helping people who were stuck.

here's a photo during the storm.....this isn't even all of it!

here's a photo i took today of our poor bush just covered in snow and icicles.

needless to say, the kids had a snow day and even daddy (who works for a bank) got half of the day off!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

take a guess

if you had to guess what the following photos illustrated, what would you say?

young boy visits zoo and learns to roar like a lion? nope.
young boy likes to show off his tonsils? nope.
young boy screams at the top of his lungs for fun? nope.

these are in fact pictures of our young boy showing of his bright sparkly teeth! now most kids would give a big (closed mouth) smile to show them off. not this kid. he likes to give you the "bigger picture"!

the little dude had his first trip to the dentist today and did a superb job! he sat and watched mommy get her teeth cleaned first and then hopped right up in that chair for his turn. they were even able to get x-rays which they said they typically don't even try with 3 year olds! he was such a good boy and i'm so proud of him. he was a good little helper with the hygenist and got to suction the water from mommy's mouth! he thought that was the coolest thing ever! he had no cavities and got a special glider plane as a treat. (as well as the goodie bag he's holding full of fun dental stuff like a new toothbrush, floss, & toothpaste)


a little backstory: our kid is obsessed with pbs. as in the public broadcasting service. he watches curious george a lot and therefore hears all of their "commercials" about visiting pbskids.org. recently, pbs is his answer for everything.

mommy: where did you learn that?
little dude: pbs

mommy: where did you get that from?
little dude: pbskids.org

basically the kid will answer any question you ask him with "pbs" somewhere in there.

fast forward to this past weekend:
daddy convinced me that we should get a fish for the little dude. knowing that the poor guy will never have any pet with fur or feathers because of my allergies and asthma, i reluctantly gave in. the agreement was that he could get one, but i would no be in charge of cleaning the bowl. (the hubby and i had a couple fish pre-kids and i had the nasty job of cleaning out the stinky fish water and i wanted no part of it again)

so we go to the pet store to get the little dude a fish. when asked what color fish he wanted he said "blue". luckily when we got there, they had some blue betas that fit the bill. easiest fish in the world to take care of. perfect. we'll take it. we pick up the essentials to house and feed the fish and head home.

the conversation on the way home went something like this:
mommy: is your fishy a boy fishy or a girl fishy
little dude: a boy fishy
mommy: oh! a boy fishy. what do you want to name your boy fishy?
little due: pbs.
(mommy and daddy turning to each other and laughing hysterically)
mommy: that is a perfect name for you fishy honey. pbs it is!

so here he is.....pbs in all of his glory!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i want to crawl in a hole and never come out

for those of you who know me and my complete full name, you'll be as mortified as i was to see this. you'll want to scroll down to the list of characters names after reading the description.

Friday, February 01, 2008

life after the flu

after a week of feeling like death, i can finally say that today i'm feeling a little more human. i still have a little cough that's hanging on, but other than that, i'm up and about.

as for the baby, he still has a nagging cough. we also found out, after a trip to the dr. on monday, that he has asthma. my poor baby. of course he inherited this lovely ailment from his fabulous mother. i've said all my life that i wouldn't wish asthma on anyone.....not even my worst enemy. go figure that my baby would end up with it. i hate the thought of him missing out on all the things i've missed out on in life because of it. we don't know how bad it is at this point. i could just be something that acts up when he gets a chest cold, or it could be like mine where it affects a million aspects of life. (ie, pets, outdoor activities, exercise, etc.) the poor little guy even came home with his own little nebulizer and has been getting treatments every 4-6 hours since monday. only a day or so more and then we can hopefully be done. he tolerated them really well at first but, as time has gone on, has learned to hate them. (as is seen below) he's also been taking some steroids which have been making him very hyper and impossible to lay down for naps.

as for daddy and the little dude: daddy survived with only a slightly stuffy nose and a little sore throat. the little dude seems to be falling more in line with me and the baby. he was doing really well for awhile, with only a runny nose, but now seems to be getting a cough to match ours.

this is how we've lived for the last week. i had too many medicines for too many people to keep track of, so we each had our own post-it on the kitchen cabinet to keep track of who had what medicine at what time. i'm pretty much finished with mine, but still need them for the kids since the baby has 2 meds to keep track of and the little dude has been having daily doses of tylenol.
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