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scoutie girl preview

i didn't get around to posting about my scoutie girl post yesterday.
my newest post is live on scoutie girl. check it out!

may 28, 2009

wood & silver ring

since i've been so busy with work lately, we haven't had much time to do any thrifting. instead, i thought i'd feature a ring i bought from a street vendor in new york. it's big, chunky, and lovely. it's wood and (supposedly) silver. in the end, i don't really care if it's real silver or not. i like it for it's design rather than what it's made out of.

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may 27, 2009

blank stare

this special episode of "that's what he said wednesday" is unique because it features the hubby instead of the little dude.

last night during bath time daddy was telling me how the baby was so serious. not cracking a smile or he was scared out of his mind being in the bathtub. he was staring daddy down in a locked gaze. this is how it was explained to me:

"he was just staring at me all serious. he had his ducky in one hand and was staring me down with the other."

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may 26, 2009

wire locker basket

today is hopefully the first day back on a regular blogging schedule for me.

i recently found a name that perfectly describes my own personal style. i always called it eclectic because i liked a mix of everything, but when i heard the name "vintage modern", i knew it was me to a T! i love clean, modern lines, architecture, & furniture, but i also love vintage accessories. these vintage wire locker baskets (just like those of my swimming lesson days as a child) fit my style perfectly. they're clean, simple, but they're also vintage. found at 26olivestreet :: $32

** just in case you're wondering, pretty much anything in their shop is something i would LOVE to have! check out this children's mini wooden bowling game set!! cute can you get?

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i'm back from new york. (have been for a couple days) i'm going to try and get back into the swing of things around the house, studio, and this blog. hopefully i can start back up with my daily posts next week. for today, i just thought i'd share some photos of the national stationery show with you.

here's a photo of the booth i shared with 5 other paper gals. this is not what any of our booths normally looks like, but a bunch of us got together at the last minute (only weeks before the show) and decided to share a booth together. so, this is 6 people's work in one tiny booth! it was completely utilitarian, but it worked and was such a great deal. we already have some ideas on how to do it bigger and better next year. (which shouldn't be a problem since we have a whole year to plan this time).

and here are 4 of the 6 of us who came to the show. it's so nice to have such great friends in the paper industry that can join together and accomplish something so big in such little time that benefits everyone. thanks for a lovely show gals!

may 22, 2009

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scoutie girl preview

my newest post is live on scoutie girl. check it out!

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