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Friday, January 30, 2009


we have some big sales news to share with you!
after much deliberation, i have decided to draw my focus in at marzipan inc. to one thing.... while it’s nice to have an array of products, i want to return my focus where it all began.....greeting cards.

because of this i'll be offering 50% off all of my gift items at shades of violet until they’re gone! i still have plenty of stock of all of these products and will extend the discounted price until they sell out!

(i am NOT going out of business....just refocusing my attention!)

*click for bigness!

before & after : kitchen wall

i posted about this project we did with the little dude's artwork a few months ago. while i love the artwork, i just think it's too small for the wall. over the weekend i did a little project to remedy the problem.....

here's the after! i measured and taped off a large rectangle and painted it (in an accent color found on the other side of the kitchen) behind the artwork to make it appear larger and more balanced. i think it made all the difference!

january 30, 2009 - photo of the day

Thursday, January 29, 2009

january 29, 2009 - photo of the day

brotherly love

this is how i found the boys watching a cartoon the other day. how cute can they be?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

scoutie girl preview

can you guess what my scoutie girl post is about this week? the photo above is a little clue. check out my full post here.

image snagged from reVisionDesign


the baby has also been learning to eat with a spoon. it's quite a disaster to clean up after dinner every night, but he's so happy to be able to feed himself rather than having us do it for him. my little baby is growing up so quickly!
*you really need to click on this one to get the details close up!

january 28, 2009 - photo of the day

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

they're here : magnet mementos

i'm happy to announce that my magnet memento cards from fin+roe are now available in all categories! also available are their counterparts: the individual magnet memento (without a card). check out some examples below!

individual magnet memento

wedding magnet memento cards

save the date magnet memento cards

graduation magnet memento cards

birthday magnet memento cards

baby magnet memento cards

baby mosaic

i haven't had the camera out with the kids much lately. the baby was being cooperative the other day, so i snapped away. he'll be 17 months old in a couple days. he's still into everything and is learning by leaps and bounds everyday. it's amazing what little sponges they are. he knows every part of his body and not only points to them, but can also say most of the words as well. yesterday we learned knee and elbow. one of his favorite is "cheek". he brings me the lotion all the time and says "cheek" while rubbing his hand along his face. he loves it when i put lotion on his rosie red cheeks.

january 27, 2009 - photo of the day

Monday, January 26, 2009

another gig

you may have noticed a new little graphic on the right side of my blog. well, along with my 15 or so jobs, i have joined a group of lovely ladies to create the stationery guides blog. this new blog will cover everything you ever wanted to know about stationery (and probably more). we have a schedule with different topics for each day of the week. i'll be participating regularly and hope you'll come check us out!

my first post went up today. "baby announcements : beyond pink and blue"

january 26, 2009 - photo of the day

Sunday, January 25, 2009


except for my photos of the day, i have been very, very absent from blogging. i didn't mean to be, but it seems that everyday life took over this past week. i have lots to post about, but it will probably come in spurs over the next few days. i'm not sure i have the energy to recap everything at once.

one of the things i wanted to share is this little guy:

the family went thrifting this weekend. we only made it to one store because apparently they all close at 3:00 on saturdays! i found several cool things (maybe i'll post about them later), including this little owl. he's so kitschy and something i would normally pass by, but for some reason he called my name. i plugged him in to make sure he worked and then paid the $2.00 to take him home. he looks so fun lit up in the dark on my desk. i think it's his really graphic features and the pattern of the lights that drew him to me. for something i would normally walk right past, i'm shocked how much i love this little guy.

january 25, 2009 - photo of the day

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

scoutie girl preview

this beauty is part of my feature for scoutie girl today. go here to find out all about it!

*photo snagged from the madebyhank shop

january 21, 2009 - photo of the day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

january 20, 2009 - photo of the day

it's a repeat, but very appropriate.

Monday, January 19, 2009

and now......the baby......

some photo booth baby cuteness.

january 19, 2009 - photo of the day


this is how i'm trying to work at this very moment. typing this with one hand. i was on a phone call and the next thing i knew he was out!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


the little dude and i were messing around with photo booth the other are the results.

january 18, 2009 - photo of the day

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

january 16, 2009 - photo of the day

today is the last day of a week of color. i'm sad to see it end, but it has also taught me to look deeper to find images to shoot. just when i think i've taken every picture in this house, i'm challenged to find something in a certain color and it opens up a whole new world! today's theme is stripes and plaids. if you'd like to see more from a week of color, click here. my regular photo of the day (with one photo only) will resume tomorrow! see you there!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

january 15, 2009 - photo of the day

today's color is pink. (turns out most of the pink in our house is in the bathroom! probably because i'm outnumbered 3 to 1 in this house of blue!) see more from a week of color here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

individual magnet mementos

the first of the individual magnet mementos has been uploaded! it's a baby version, but can obviously be altered to fit any occasion. just think about all those high school seniors who would love to give their friends a magnet with their senior picture on it to put in their lockers! they'd make great favors at a wedding, or even a great hand-out after the birth of a baby. (who smokes
those cigars anyway?) really, the sky is the limit!

now off to design the rest of them!

scoutie girl preview

here's a sneak preview of my latest scoutie girl post. go see the entire post here.

january 14, 2009 - photo of the day

today's color is yellow. see more from a week of color here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


(this photo has nothing to do with this post, i just think it's hilarious and i hate photo-less posts!)

the baby has gotten very chatty lately. he started saying a few words when he turned 15 months old, but now at 16 months is just a jabber-box! i don't ever remember the little dude saying this many things at this age. the baby will basically try to say any word you ask him to. it may not sound exactly right, but he sure tries. here's a list of the words he can say pretty clearly right now:

baby (one of his favorites)
cookie (probably the favorite of all!)
all done
naughty (he's really good at this one probably because he hears it so much!)
go, go
bobby (his word for blanket)
gigi (my assistant genie)
no, no

he can also make these animal noises on command:
monkey (his all-time favorite)
fish (opens and closes mouth like a real sound there.)

january 13, 2009 - photo of the day

i don't typically post more than one photo for my photo of the day but since i'm participating in a week of color, i thought i'd sneak a few extras in!
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