Thursday, February 22, 2007

cooking school

man, i've been gone for awhile. things have been so busy around here it's crazy.

so the little dude and i have gone to cooking school for the last 3 weeks. it's at the same place as art school. we have both had so much fun. i think the little dude is definitely going to be a creative type. between art school and cooking school he's been in heaven.

here are a few photos of the things we've made in cooking school over the weeks:

top left: fruit and yogurt parfait
top right: hand squeezed lemonade
middle left: bagel face
middle right: cinnamon and sugar bread
bottom left: alphabet soup
bottom right: fruit soup

it's great because most of these "dishes" included teaching opportunities. for example, the alphabet soup was really called "counting soup". the ingredients needed to be counted out by the students. so, 1 scoop of tofu, 2 scoops of carrots, 3 scoops of peas, 4 scoops of corn, etc. etc.

i'm sure the little dude will be disappointed when next week comes and we don't get to go anymore. we'll be sure to sign up when the next session comes around.

Monday, February 12, 2007

my crazy kid

i know i've mentioned the little dude's obessive compulsive tendencies on my blog before. here's more proof:

out of the gigantic box of 96 crayons, he picked out each and every one of these colors. as he chose each of them he would say "orange". then if it met his requirements, he would say "yup". if however, said crayon did not meet his "orange" requirements, (being a shade too brown, pink, or yellow) he would say "nope", and then put it right back in the box where it came from.

i had to take the photo as proof to the hubby, as i knew he'd never believe me if i just told him the story.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

gross....i know

the food cravings have been going strong for a few weeks already.

when i was pregnant with the little dude i had one craving that i hoped wouldn't come back a second time. unfortunately it has....

yeah....i know. my hubby is totally and completely grossed out by the whole thing. he cringes every time he sees it pass my lips.

i'm not quite sure why i crave them. i'm pretty sure it's not because it's filling some vitamin or nutrient void....are there even any in them?

Friday, February 02, 2007

the people who write fortunes . . .

on new year's day, the hubby, the little dude, and i went to our local chinese restaurant for lunch. at the end of the meal, we received our standard fortune cookies. after opening them and comparing, the hubby and i gave each other one of those looks.

here's why:

of course i saved them for good luck. exactly 7 days later i got that positive result on my home pregnancy test!

i think the people who wrote those fortunes need a raise!
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