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september 30, 2009



scoutie girl preview


pinhole photos

my newest post is live on scoutie girl. check it out!

a BIG deal!



i woke up to an amazing surprise today.

about a week ago i read about an assignment on the pioneer woman photography blog. i had never participated in one before. however, this assignment was right up my alley and one that i actually already had photos for! i uploaded 2 photos to the assignment flickr group and went on with my day.

fast forward to this morning. turns out ree, the blog owner, took some time to go through some of the photos that were uploaded and picked one of mine as one to feature on her blog today! i nearly had a heart attack when i saw my photo come up among the other amazing photos. with a readership following comparable to design*sponge or dooce, what a tremendous boost for my photography self-esteem!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

movable type necklace



i have admired these moveable type letterpress necklaces for some time. i'd love to get one with each of the boy's initials.

EricaWeinerJewelry :: $50

september 29, 2009



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september 23, 2009


there's nobody else i'd rather spend every birthday with for the rest of my life.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

things i want tuesday :: purse



simply put, i have a thing for purses. a big thing. it's out of control. here's my latest desire. gap :: $49.50

september 22, 2009



Monday, September 21, 2009

the unveiling

sorry it's taken so long, but i finally got around to downloading, editing, and uploading all the remodel photos for everyone to see!


the first step: removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room. this is the view from what used to be the dining room into the kitchen during wall removal.


and here we are looking from the kitchen into the dining room. after the wall was removed and the drywall mudded and sanded i painted both rooms the same color to unite them. we used a darker shade on one small wall (the one where you see the cuckoo clock) and the area above the cabinets. we had already removed all the flooring in the dining room when we had the other floors refinished earlier this summer but the kitchen floors still needed removal.

floor removal

and here's the removal of the first of 4 layers of flooring in the kitchen. underneath our plain cream vinyl was a very cool and graphic old pattern. i only wish it was in better shape, i would have kept it!

floor removal
and another layer.....

after the floors were sanded i stained them a dark brown and the floor people came back to seal it. here are a few photos of the final floor before we moved anything back in.

kitchen :: floors refinished

kitchen :: floors refinished

kitchen :: floors refinished

and here are a few with everything moved back in:

kitchen :: after

kitchen :: after

kitchen :: after

there's still a lot of work to do, like finishing & painting trim, but i think we're going to take a little break and do that as we get around to it. it's been a busy summer and we're ready for a little breather!

if you want to see the whole set of photos you can see them on my flickr house set.

september 21, 2009



and the winners are....

first of all, thank you all so much for voting for your favorite photo of the year! it was fun to see what each of you chose.

i thought it would be nice to post the winners along with the photos they chose! here are the three winning photos and the people who voted for them

winner #1
Tracy (paper + ink designs) said...
I LOVE them all and you have done such a great job, Lori. I can totally see some of these in magazines. One of my favs since the first time I saw it - which is the first one that came to mind when I read about your giveaway is 090909. I love the vintage yet modern look to it and it really lends so much to the imagination about what's not in the picture. I love the brightness of the color combo red & blue.
Love it. :)

thanks tracy! i love this one too. it seems to have a story. i also love all the negative space in this photo. nice and airy!

winner #2
Hannah Chandler. said...
I promise I looked through all of them, but I must admit I am enamored by the picture you posted today. 091909
I think it's because it would look fantastic close to my newly painted white fireplace. :)

i love that hannah chose the last photo of the year. this is one of my favorites from the whole year. i love the vintage look of it!

winner #3
nancy a said...
ok...9/20, 10/08, 11/14, 12/06, 12/20, 01/05, 01/10, 01/22, 07/23, and of course 09/11...i guess you just need to let me know when you put them up for sale!! :) great job and congratulations!! keep up the inspiration.

i love that nancy chose a lot of photos that were still-life vs. nature photos. nature photos come much easier for me and one of my goals this coming year is to get better at still-life photos. since she chose so many i selected my favorite from her list! even though it's not the sharpest photo, i love the subject matter and the composition.

congrats to everyone who won! please contact me at to claim your print. i need to hear from everyone by end of day wednesday so i can send all the photos off together to get printed and not make anyone wait for their winnings!

this was fun, thanks again!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

september 20, 2009



yesterday officially marked the last day of my photo of the day challenge for 1 year! today begins year 2! i started a new set in my flickr stream to separate the photos out by year. year 1. year 2. i hope you'll follow along with me through the second year of my journey. i'm very hopeful of what will be learned and improved along the way! again, if you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share, i'd love to hear them! i'm always up for learning something new!

oh, and don't forget to enter our year in photos giveaway which ends at midnight tonight! (sept 20th)

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Friday, September 18, 2009

help a friend


my good friend (and super talented artist) leslie asked if i would help her spread the word of an amazing young friend of hers. i met leslie through the internet somehow many years ago, but we've met in person a couple times now. she really is the sweetest gal on the planet and i'd pretty much do anything to help her out. so, here's a bit from her website today and a little bit about jalen. go. read. now.

If you have a moment, would you pay a visit to my young friend Jalen? I’ve known Jalen for two years, and he is an amazing kid. He’s super athletic (he excels at track/cross country, lacrosse, and football). He’s a big brother and a model son. Oh and he’s also a top notch student too. He’s everything a parent could wish for in a child.

Last summer Jalen learned he has brain cancer.

But that hasn’t deterred him from his goals. He’s fighting this battle with grace and strength. Won’t you pay a visit to his site? Leave an uplifting comment. Say a prayer. Keep him in your thoughts. And most importantly, live your life as he does. . . with perseverance and purpose. You’ll leave his site feeling inspired. I can promise that!

I present to you: Jalen’s Journey

september 18, 2009


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