Thursday, December 28, 2006

christmas recap

we're slowly recouperating from christmas here. what a whirlwind! here's a photo recap of some great moments.

the little dude "helping" daddy vacuum for christmas.

the little dude in his christmas best!

the little dude listening to his new ipod shuffle.

traveling in style!

the morning after christmas. discovering the train that mommy and daddy had set up overnight. (the new thomas the train that is suposed to "steam". a gift from his aunt and uncle. it's not as great as the commercials show. is it ever?)


Dear Monday said...

We have the exact same set... but we put Thomas and Annie away since little J gets all upset they don't come apart. hehehe. I want to see if the steam really works but then water would create a whole messy drama over here.

Leslie said...

So glad to hear that F had a great Xmas! He looks so big, and got to love his blazer!!

We bought Kate a toy vacuum cleaner, and the two older kids said, "what's that supposed to be?"

Ahem . . .

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