Thursday, February 22, 2007

cooking school

man, i've been gone for awhile. things have been so busy around here it's crazy.

so the little dude and i have gone to cooking school for the last 3 weeks. it's at the same place as art school. we have both had so much fun. i think the little dude is definitely going to be a creative type. between art school and cooking school he's been in heaven.

here are a few photos of the things we've made in cooking school over the weeks:

top left: fruit and yogurt parfait
top right: hand squeezed lemonade
middle left: bagel face
middle right: cinnamon and sugar bread
bottom left: alphabet soup
bottom right: fruit soup

it's great because most of these "dishes" included teaching opportunities. for example, the alphabet soup was really called "counting soup". the ingredients needed to be counted out by the students. so, 1 scoop of tofu, 2 scoops of carrots, 3 scoops of peas, 4 scoops of corn, etc. etc.

i'm sure the little dude will be disappointed when next week comes and we don't get to go anymore. we'll be sure to sign up when the next session comes around.

1 comment:

sally said...

How fun! I'm going to have to steal that bagel face idea. =)

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