Friday, September 28, 2007

it's quite a change....

going from one kid to two. i am so completely exhausted. i forget just how rough the nights are with a newborn. baby r has decided that he doesn't like to sleep in his bassinet after about 3:00 a.m. the only way to get him to sleep is on my chest, in bed. needless to say, that doesn't lead to the best sleep for mommy.

plus, the little dude is sick. he's only had 1 cold in his nearly 3 years of life and of course he has to get one now.....with a 4 week old baby in the house! his little nose is just a faucet. i'm hoping that the worst is over and that the rest of us can escape without catching it. i can't imagine having a cold right now. i can hardly function as it is!

other than not sleeping, things are going well. baby r is a really good baby so far. he sleeps most of the day and doesn't really get fussy much. if he's awake he's usually pretty long as someone is holding him. he's no much for laying down on his own......much like his big brother used to be. hopefully that phase passes quickly.

business is super busy now. i'm working on those really, really, really huge custom projects i mentioned awhile ago. hopefully when they're finished i can post a link for all to see. i've had to hire on some additional help to get them all done. plus my contact at the children's hospital has been adding more and more projects to the list. i'm not complaining one bit. it's great money and a great cause that i'm happy to be supporting. i hope the relationship continues.

ok, off to get some work done so i can attempt to take a desperately needed nap today. it is so much harder getting one in with 2 kiddos! these are the times when i wish i had the luxury of maternity leave! (did i mention i did work from the hospital the day after giving birth? ah, yeah. fun times!)

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