Thursday, November 15, 2007

that's what he said : part 1

i've been meaning to start this series for what seems like forever. there are so many funny things that come out of the little dude's mouth and i want to be able to remember them years from now. it probably won't be as funny written down to other people as it is to us here that know his personality, but it's more for me than anyone else. if it ends up being funny to others, all the better! so here's the beginning of the series i'm affectionately referring to as: that's what he said!

[his pronunciation of the word chocolate] : "cha-loc-it"

[when telling us he loves us] : "i love you with your heart"

[when he wants us to know how well behaved he's being] : "i'm such a being a good boy"

[when revealing himself after being hidden] : "here my am!"

[when trying to tell us he's forgotten something] : "i got-for my cup!"

[when watching the movie cars and referring to rear-view-mirrors]: "ears mirrors"

and my most recent favorite:

[when referring to having a wedgie] : "my undies are hanging out in my butt!"

there are a million more i'm forgetting, but will post as i think of them.

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Leslie said...

These are so precious, Lori!

Kate has some funny sayings and nicknames for things. One of my favorites is "mammies" for jammies. So cute! I don't ever want her to stop saying that!

Also she says "truck" with an "f" instead of "tr." Nice.

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