Sunday, June 08, 2008

that's what he said : part 5

it's that time again!

[his pronunciation of magazine] : "maz-a-geen"

[his pronunciation of spaghetti] : "ska-bet-ee"

mommy: what kind of fruit did you have?
little dude: a cookie!

mommy: what's wrong? why are you crying?
little dude: i cry because grandma was missing us

little dude: we need to take a picture of you painting.
mommy: we do?
little dude: yeah, & then hang it up!
mommy: yeah?
little dude: yeah, by my........ummmmm......toybox.
mommy: oh really?
little dude: yeah, and you can look at it and like it ALL the time.
mommy: haha, you crack me up kid.
little dude: yeah.

[little dude talking to daddy in the bathroom]:
"this is an important story.....ok?
you go fast with my toothbrush.
i'll go fast with the water
now let's do this!"

mommy: what did you do at school today?
little dude: we planted beans!
mommy: oh, maybe we should plant a little garden this year. we could plant, carrots, beans, peas......
little dude: and sami's! [as in sandwiches]
mommy: haha, no honey, you don't plan sami's. they don't grow in the ground.
little dude: [truly upset and looking very close to crying] but they'll be so yummy!

little dude: mommy, what's this?
mommy: it's a tootsie roll honey. you know, tootsies, just like your toes!
little dude: [examining the tootsie roll closely] no. it's not like my tootsies. mine have long legs!

[lyrics to ring around the rosie] : "ring around the rosie, poppets full of rosies"

[when asked what he wanted to eat after he ate a brownie] : "now i want something that isn't chewy and brown!

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Patricia said...

so so cute! aren't kids the best? :)

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