Monday, August 25, 2008


i've mentioned about a thousand times before what a little mover the baby is. he's just crazy. no fear. he'll climb up on anything, any height, any time. you name it, he'll do it. here are a few photos of what i caught him doing the other day. you probably can't quite tell from the photos, but that's a rocking chair! it was given to me by my grandparents when i was just a little girl. i can't remember, but it was either my grandmother's or grandfather's when they were little. they had "re-furbished" it and handed it down.

anyway, here he is standing right up on it. you can tell from the second picture and all of it's blurriness just how much he gets that thing moving. of course i should have probably been snatching him down from there, but instead i grabbed the camera. he was having so much fun. hopefully he gets all of this energy out now so that he's a mild mannered teenager! what? one can dream, right?

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Julie said...

Watch out! I distinctly remember the day I glanced out the kitchen window to the back yard and found our then 3 year old daughter crawling along the TOP beam of the wooden swingset. It almost caused me heart failure. :-)

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