Monday, September 12, 2005

stamping ≠ graphic design

so the hubby tells me this story the other day about a new lady (read: wench) who started at his job. i think the story is going to be about her and how annoying she is. or something of that nature.

well, it turns out the story is about me. and how i'm still a stamper in everyone's eyes.

you see, the new lady came over to my hubby's desk to chat or ask him a question (i'm not sure). she commented on the little dude's baby pictures. one thing leads to another and the hubby is showing her the baby announcements i made for the little dude. i'm thinking, great! she's going to comment on how beautiful they are and about how much time it must have taken me to do them. etc. etc. etc. oh no. the very first thing out of her mouth before she even opens it is: "oh, she's a stamper!". the hubby was like: "no, she's a graphic designer." her response was "oh".

the hubby said it was like her saying: "oh, you're a garbage man" and him saying "no, i'm a waste management officer". to her there simply was no difference.

well, i'm here to tell you lady: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!! a big difference.*

thank you very much! have a nice day!

*i just want to add that there is nothing wrong with stamping. and i'm sure that there are people who are both graphic designers AND stampers. however, they are not one in the same.


Michelle said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and this entry caught my eye. I am a stamper (not a graphic designer! lol)and have made all kinds of baby annoucements, birthday invites, etc for myself and family. I also looked at your commerical website. If your baby announcements were as beautiful as your products (I'm sure they were!), your hubby's co-worker is an *idiot* (pardon me). I enjoyed looking at I'm glad to see that you are doing something you love! Congrats!

natalie said...

fellow graphic designer here - just wanted to agree with you!!! how annoying!!!!

gilley said...

I was an Art Director for 5 years-

now, if a stamper created her own design using Illustrator, got the stamp manufactured, and then used those stamps to make a design, then it might be one and the same. kind of.

I have a stamper friend who likens herself to a graphic designer. Bless her heart.

paperwhore said...

I feel ya.

I get people calling me a stamper, and yes the ODD time I do use stamps, but most of it graphic design. I also get a lot of family that call my business a 'hobby'. It drives me crazy.

Lisa said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog on and off for a bit now and have finally thought that I'd comment! I am too a graphic designer BUT I used to be in waste management! so I totally know how you feel!


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