Thursday, September 22, 2005

update on "a little bit of everything"

the office assistant: after the interview on monday i decided to hire the new girl. she seems like she's going to be a good worker and that's what matters most. she came in today for a couple hours just to get a feel for what we do. she did well, and didn't drive me crazy in the process, which is a bonus! i think the extra help is going to be great! maybe we'll even get caught up on our orders by the end of the year!

the house hunt: we just got a call from our realtor tonight that we have an offer on our house. yippee!!! we have NO, let me stress NO LEADS on a house for ourselves! man, what have we gotten ourselves into? i guess we're going to be looking at pretty much every new house that comes onto the market. usually selling your house is the stressful part. i never thought i'd be stressed out about finding one!

the good news: i got a phone call from martha stewart living magazine on friday! yes....THEY called ME!! it seems that someone in their office picked up my media kit at the national stationery show this year! the person i spoke with was looking for specific products for an upcoming editorial she was working on.....and she wanted to know if i had anything that fit! i didn't really have exactly what she was looking for, so i busted my butt this weekend to whip up some new designs to send off to her. she should have received them by today. i'm keeping every set of fingers and toes crossed that she liked something, anything, i sent. it would be such a huge opportunity for me to be featured in that magazine! let's hope!


gilley said...

WOW! Congrats on Martha! That is one of my dreams! I'm so excited for you - you deserve it! Also, congrats on selling your house. Remember things happen for a reason, so I'm sure your dream house is out there!

sarah said...

Great job with Martha, that would be great.

I'm in the same boat on the house thing. We're just getting started but I'm dreading every second of it.

madame fancy pants said...

wow!! that would be super amazing!
let us know what issue it will be if it happens!
how super cool, you totally deserve it :)

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