Wednesday, December 21, 2005

christmas is on it's way!

christmas is almost here! the custom cards i mentioned in my last post have been completed and are out the door. they loved the concepts i came up with and actually chose the one i liked the best...which is always nice. i completed them over the weekend and dropped them off at their office by noon on monday. it was nice to work with them again. they really seemed to appreciate what i was doing.

speaking of christmas, i'm way more excited than usual. it's going to be the little dude's first real christmas. seeing that he was only 3 weeks old last year, we didn't really do gifts. i'm hoping that he has a ton of fun ripping his presents open....that is, if he actually touches them. at his birthday party he wanted nothing to do with his present and i ended up opening them all for him while he played with a box somewhere. maybe since it will only be the three of us he'll be more into it. there were just so many people here for his birthday that it was really distracting.

i've never really been a procrastinator, actually not at all. however, this year i feel proud of myself that i was even more on top of getting christmas gifts taken care of ahead of time. now, there's not a lot of last minute stress that drives me crazy. last minute stuff is, for me, like fingernails on a chalkboard. it drives me absolutely nuts! now i can just sit back and relax until saturday morning, while my hubby rushes around to get his gifts for me wrapped late friday night! love you honey! :) even though you're a procrastinator!

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