Thursday, December 15, 2005

the notice has left the building

i decided that instead of a big, ugly, glaring sign on my office door i would opt for a written notice to all of my employees about our "new" office hours. (see previous post) so today i sent out a very direct letter to each employee with their order. i ran it past my assistant who thought it was to the point without being too harsh. in her eyes (as well as mine) it's all common sense. if anyone is offended by it....they are the ones the letter was intended for. we'll see if i get any complaints about it.

on another's december 15th and i received two requests for custom holiday cards TODAY!!! hello people!!! first of all, it's not really what i do, but more than that, it's december 15th!!! i'm going to be helping out with one of them. they're a graphic design firm that i did my internship with in college. their plan A fell apart so they're relying on me (plan B) to save them. i'm actually kind of honored that they'd even ask me. i mean, they're all designers themselves. anyway, they're great people and i'd pretty much bend over backwards for them. so i better go limber up! they want them done by tuesday!

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gilley said...

I had someone call yesterday (Dec. 19th) wanting custom Christmas cards. I told them I'd be happy to ship them the week after Christmas. Haven't heard back. :)

Merry Christmas!

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