Friday, September 01, 2006

5 things

i'm really behind, but i was tagged by julie for a 5 things meme and i'm finally getting around to it.
here we go:

5 things in my refrigerator:
1. milk, milk, and more milk (we drink a lot here)
2. yogurt for the little dude's breakfast
3. a few pears and an apple
4. the most fabulous string cheese ever (supplied by my mom)
5. lots of random left over containers that will probably never get eaten.

5 things in my closet:
1. lots and lots of clothes that no longer fit
2. we have a pretty small closet, so that's pretty much it....just clothes

5 things in my purse:
1. wallet with lots of credit cards that never get used (i don't know why i even have them in there.)
2. our "coupon caddy" which we now use to separate our cash budget out into categories
3. lip gloss
4. my inhaler for my asthma
5. business card holder with cards for both businesses

5 things in my car:
1. change
2. stroller
3. hair items (ponytail holders, headbands, etc.)
4. dirt, and lots of it. we really need to vacuum it out.
5. ummmm.....oh, a stash of tampons in the glove box! you never know when you'll need one!

5 people to tag:
1. sally
2. leslie
3. dawn
4. erica
5. gilley


sally said...

Ooh...thanks for tagging me! I'll work on this during my little break.

Leslie said...

Ooh, fun, Lori!

And I like the idea of your coupon caddy for cash categories! I get so many great ideas from you!!!

Julie said...

We've got the leftover container thing happening too. We always pledge to be better about actually eating them... and then we clean some interesting science experiments out of the fridge a couple weeks later.

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