Friday, September 29, 2006

happily handmade giveaway

we are so excited to announce that shades of violet is going to be participating in the happily handmade giveaway!

what is the happily handmade giveaway?
the happily handmade hiveaway was created in appreciation of indie shoppers, everywhere! twice a year, a massive give away totalling nearly $10,000 in indie prize goodness is held!

how does it work?
independent artists and crafts people (like shades of violet) donate goods to be included in the give away. you visit our sites to enter the contest. (yes, you can enter on each and every one of the 69 sites listed on our website for more chances to win! how cool is that?) at the end of the entry period, winners are chosen at random! it's that simple.

when is it?
we will officially begin collecting entries today (september 30th)! entries will be accepted through october 29th, and the winners will be announced in early november.

how do i sign up?
it's easy! just visit our website and click on the happily handmade giveaway link. you can sign up right there, as well as view the other participating websites!

so what are you waiting for! go! register! win a ton of cool prizes!

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