Thursday, November 02, 2006

the new obsession

we have a huge new obsession at our house. or i should say, the little dude has a a huge new obsession. just as i finished putting together his curious george birthday invites, he decides his new favorite cartoon is handy manny. now, i must admit, handy manny is pretty darned cute, but i knew this was going to happen! i spend all this time drawing up a cute little invite for him and he goes and changes his mind on me! oh well. he's going to like curious george if he likes it or not! i'm sure he'll change his mind when he sees all the monkey themed items at the party! here's a sneak peak at the invite:


Leslie said...

Very sweet invite! And little ones can be so fickle at times! I'm sure he'll forget all about handy manny once the party starts! :)

sally said...

Adorable invite Leslie! F is going to have a wonderful birthday!

{evy} said...

awww, such a cute invitation! happy birthday wishes!

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