Friday, October 27, 2006

remember when?

remember waaaaay back in january when i made a gigantic list of goals for the year?

remember that one crazy goal of losing 10 pounds?

yeah, well. i knew it was a long shot. 10 pounds is a lot, especially when you're a buzy mamma. i did really well from january until may. but when the national stationery show hit, it all kind of fell apart.

so, being bound and determined not to let that goal slip away without a good solid try, i've been working the last two months or so on trying to eat less and exercise more. i still don't feel like i have the time and/or motivation to go to the gym, but lately i have been walking with a few friends about twice a week. (better than nothing i guess)

for all my work over the last two months, the scale rewarded me yesterday! it's not 10 pounds, but i officially hit the 5 pound mark! considering how much i've done, i'm very happy with this. it's actually kind of funny. i feel like i'm doing way less than i've done in the past, but i'm losing more. maybe it's because i'm really trying to focus on how much i eat instead of how long i work out.

i don't even feel like i'm sacrificing much. i've found that it doesn't matter so much what i eat, but instead, how much i'm eating. so, if i feel like ice cream, i have it. just less than before, and maybe less for dinner to make up for it. i'm trying to be more aware of how much i'm eating instead of just finishing everything that's sitting in front of me. so basically being more conscious of what's going in my mouth.

and my "hot jeans" (as my hubby likes to call them) are becoming more like my baggy jeans! it's pretty cool what 5 pounds can do!

now to keep it up!

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