Tuesday, April 10, 2007


this year was the first time that the little dude really understood what easter was all about. for weeks before if you asked him what the easter bunny was going to bring, he would say "num n nums" (m&m's). he was pretty excited about the whole thing. we wrote a note to the easter bunny and left it by his basket before bed. the easter bunny even hid the little dude's basket for the first time! i think he may have to hide it a little better next year because he found it pretty quickly.

here are some photos of the little dude digging into his stash of num n nums.

we went to my aunt and uncle's house for a gathering with our extended family. we always have an easter egg hunt. it's the first time he really enjoyed that too. he got to collect 7 eggs with tons of goodies inside. i love the photo on the left with his squishy excited face! too funny.

overall, we had a blast. it's so much fun when the kiddos start to understand all the holidays. oh, and the little dude got to wear his big brother shirt that i posted about. everyone loved it and now the entire family knows our news! too bad i don't have a photo of him in it without his jacket on! oopps!

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Leslie said...

he's such a cutie pie! and I'm digging his hat too!

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