Thursday, April 19, 2007

art school

tuesday was a sad day as it was our last day of art school. the little dude loves it so much and will miss it terribly, i'm sure. i took the camera on tuesday to take a few shots of what goes on at school. i should have taken it a different day as the projects were limited since we wouldn't have time for anything to dry and take home. normally there are many, many more "wet" projects.

face painting. of course it had to be "mick*y mous* cl*bhouse", so mommy drew on some classic ears.

top: getting ready to do a full-body tracing. top right: the little dude adding "features" to his face.
bottom: my little lefty at the easel doing a collaborative painting. bottom left: again, contributing his part to the group project.

top: "cutting" play-doh* and driving "dumper trucks" through it for fun!
bottom: looking at some grass throug the magnifying glass.

ending the day with his favorite parachute! he freaking LOVES this thing.


Tara said...

He is so cute! You can just see his personality come through in the pictures... Adorable :)

Leslie said...

how cute! kate loves the parachute too!!! her fave of all time!

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