Monday, May 07, 2007

obligatory photo

the whole "second chid" syndrom is already in full effect at our house. by this time i already had 4 or so photos of myself along my pregnancy journey. this time....well....not so much. i'm at 21 weeks, over half way there, and we just now took our first photo*! sorry kiddo! so, here i am, in all my pregnancy huge-ness! i swear i'm twice as big as i was with the little dude at this point. no laughing!

*no, we don't have a big grey backdrop in our house! it's actually one of the walls in our livingroom that i had to stop decorating mid-redo when we found out we were pregnant! i think we're going to put my grandparent's family cradle there when the little guy arrives.


APlanet4Creation said...

I know I was bigger a lot quicker with the second one. Poor Briana only got up to 9 months in her baby book while Olivia got to 2 years.

James said...

What an adorable blouse! I also dig the Betty Rubble-style necklace... very Paleozoic.

Let's see some pics of that yummy hubby of yours.

Jenny said...

1) you are not huge
2) you look adorable

i am so happy for you!

gilley said...

You look great! I can't wait to see you next week at the show!


You look WONDERFUL!! Perfect!

Patricia said...

you look great!! :)

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