Monday, May 28, 2007

the best part

price of 10' x 10' booth for the nss: $2000 and change
price of electricity for said booth: $99
price of hotel stay: approx $200/night

coming home to a potty trained 2 year old son: priceless!!

thanks hubby and mom! i owe you bigtime!


Heels said...

color me extraordinarily jealous of that feat.

Your booth is gorgeous and sophisticated!

Jenny said...

woooooooow! really, way better than anything. what a summer you'll have.

{evy} said...

Doesn't get better than that! xoxEvy

Leslie said...

Oh you are so lucky!!!

Okay, let your family know that Kate is on the next flight out. . . we've told her she can come back when she's trained too! ;)

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