Wednesday, June 27, 2007

oh where does the time go?

i would really like to blog more than i do, but it seems that time keeps slipping away from me and the next thing i know it's been two weeks!

last friday was our last day of this session of cooking school. here are some of my favorite photos from this round.

the little dude sporting his apron.

waiting patiently to eat his chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles.

making spotted rice. a mixture of rice and a variety of veggies. (i ended up eating this for my lunch.)

taking a nibble of his "mini tacos" : tortilla chips with refried beans, olives, and cheese.

attempting to peel his first hard boiled egg. (mostly because i'm a horrible mom who didn't make eggs for easter!!)

taking a nibble of his freshly made egg salad sandwich.

of course the little dude enjoyed this session as much as the first. unfortunately it will be quite some time before the next session as they don't do them in the summer. bummer. i'll have to hear him ask for "cooking school" and "art school" every day this summer. we'll have to try and find some other replacement until they start again.

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Oh my gosh, he's so big!! He's grown so tall - so cute!

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