Wednesday, June 13, 2007

coming up for air!

after returning from the nationaln stationery show, i buried myself in my office for a couple weeks. i'm finally coming back up for a little, much needed, air! what's happened over the last 2 weeks? well, it looks like my super sweet friend leslie tagged me for a list of 7 interesting things about myself. i figure since i need to discuss what's happened over the last 2 weeks that i'd make it 7 things that have happened since then instead. so here it is!

1. the little dude is still doing well with being potty trained! no accidents in probably 2 weeks now! he even wakes up dry after his naps and in the mornings!! we're still doing pull-ups (or spiderman underwear as he knows them by) at night and naptime, but he's in full-blown big boy undies all day long. i think that we'd be safe getting rid of the pull-ups too, but i'm too chicken to actually do it. (i'm not a huge fan of washing sheets!)

2. i've been in contact with the certain large children's hospital from the nss about their custom project several times now. i got a response to the formal quote i sent them with an e-mail containing some images they want me to use......i assume that's a good sign that they want to go forward! i'm really excited about the possibilities of this job! we still haven't discussed quantities so i don't know exactly how large of a project it may be, but even at the smallest quantities quoted, it's a rather large job.

3. the little dude and i have started cooking school again. he's such a freak for school! (in a good way) he asks me every day if it's "cooking school" day. poor guy. too bad it's only once a week! the first week we made cinnamon & sugar bread, hand squeezed lemonade, ants on a log, granola, fruit and yogurt parfaits, and fruit loop necklaces! phew.....and that's all in 1 hour!

4. i've started having some pretty serious braxton hicks contractions. i don't remember them being this intense with the little dude. i'm honesly a little nervous that they're this painful and frequent already. part of me wants to call the dr., but i know she'll probably just tell me it's normal and not to worry. my biggest fear is being put on bed rest, so many it's best not to let her know. (ok, i'm only half kidding don't comment that i'm a horrible mother who's putting herself first. if i had to do bed rest for the sake of the little bean, i'd do so in a heartbeat)

5. the hubby is very close to getting a new job in the town we live!! right now he commutes about 2 1/2 hours every day! so this would be a huge deal for us. not only in time, but also in the $400 we spend every month in gas! (and that's with him carpooling!) he had his second interview yesterday and it sounds like it's in the bag. now we just have to wait for a formal offer and see where we go from there. keep your fingers crossed!

6. we chose a name fo the little bean. (ok, so this actually happened right before i left for the nss, but it's still something new) i think we're both happy with it. it meets our reuqirements of not being in the top 100 most popular baby names as well. first and middle name alike. as usual, the name will remain a secret until he's born. we don't need everyone's opinions. we know not everyone will like the names we choose.

7. i made record time with my new card release. i was supposed to have 12 new designs to release on june 1st. (i release quarterly and these are my deadlines so that i stay on track) however, with the nss, i got a little behind and didn't even start designing until june 3rd or so! oops. i ended up getting all of the new designs done in less than a week, and i must say they're not just crap either! i'm actually pretty excited about most of them. they're now off to my product embellishers who are working furiously to get prototypes done to send out to my reps so they can start selling up a storm!


Samantha said...
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Wow, so many exciting things going on - can't wait to hear more about the children's hospital project.

BH contractions are the worst. Even when my bladder was empty, those darn contractions made me feel like I was going to pee my pants...which wasn't good, since I couldn't even see my pants, my stomach was so big by then - LOL!

Hang in there!

Leslie said...

Can't wait to see the new designs and hear the new babe's name! Hank and I kept the names of our kidlets a secret too! We were good and didn't let a soul know until the babes entered the world! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I haven't read this blog is FOR-EVER! I was going to send you an email but I can't find your address...ho hum.

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