Wednesday, August 22, 2007

false alarm

i ended up in the hospital again yesterday morning! i was up all night long with contractions. by 4:00 in the morning i couldn't lay there anymore because they were coming on so fast. so i got up and called the hospital and the dr. on call at about 5:30 or 6:00. they asked me to wait until 8:00 when my dr. got in so that i could go to the clinic and get checked there first. ugh....i wasn't sure if i could make it that long, but i hung in there and called as the clock turned to 8:00 exactly! i then found out that my dr. was actually in a meeting at the hospital and that she wouldn't be back to the clinic until at least 9:00!! so they sent me to the hospital and we monitored the contractions and the baby until she got out of her meeting and could come and check me.

of course after i arrived at the hospital my contractions slowed down quite a bit. i wasn't sure why as they had kept me up all. night. long. go figure. anyway, she checked me and i was only dialated to 1 and a half, and with my contractions slowing down she decided to send me home. she did want to check me for a bladder infection because sometimes that can cause contractions to worsen or come on early like mine had.

i went home and called the clinic later in the day to get my test results back. no infection, but it came back that i was dehydrated. dehydration is a major cause of contractions like mine too, so they told me to liquify and rest up for the day. after thinking about it, i think it may have been the dehyration that caused the whole episode. i was up all night not eating or drinking anything. then right before we went to the hospital, i had a little snack and a glass of milk. i'm wondering if that glass of milk is what caused the contractions to slow back down by the time we reached the hospital. it all makes sense now knowing that dehyration was probably the cause.

so lots of liquids for me now! it's definitely not my strong suit. i've never been a good drinker of my water.



Sending good thoughts your way! Hopefully as I write this, you're delivering your little bundle :-)

Patricia said...

I don't comment very often but I've been reading. I hear you with the water thing... that was always (still is) my weakest point. Take care and I hope that everything goes well.

Leslie said...

Oh wow, Lori! Keep us updated! I hope you're doing well!

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