Wednesday, August 01, 2007

stick a fork in me

i'm. so. done.

i'm beyond the ready-to-have-this-baby-point. the constant painful contractions are killing me. it's like being in labor all. day. long.

every. day.

it's way too hot.

i'm cranky all the time.

my back is killing me.

i have too much work to do for the business.

i have too many things i want to get done around the house.

wha. wha. wha.

and then i feel guilty for feeling this way because this baby is such a miracle for us. ugh. can't i just be done already?


KatHarrmann said...

Oh, I feel for ya! The home stretch is always SOOO hard! It's impossible to sleep. And it's impossible to NOT be in pain. UGH! Are you having a boy or girl? Or are you going to be surprised? Your business feature in the paper was great by the way! I was surprised when i saw it, because I didn't know they had interviewed you!!!

Patricia said...

I totally feel for you. The last weeks are a total pain. Hang in there!

Leslie said...

Hang in there my friend! You're almost there!! =D

Thinking of you!

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