Thursday, March 12, 2009

first international feature for fin+roe

after checking my stats for the day i discovered some referrals from a site i hadn't heard of before: hip en hot. from attempting to translate online, it seems the language is dutch or something very similar. i know it's silly, but it's the first international feature (that i know of) for fin+roe and it's fun little discovery!

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Daniella said...

omg! I just realized after I left a comment on The Stationery Guides that you're the creator of Marzipan! I love your cards with all the sparkly illustrations! I live in Canada and I always pick up your cards at Write Impressions. I'm a graphic designer too, in advertising, and really want to start designing more stationery! I've been doing wedding invites lately which i'm loving... I hope this isn't too weird, but if you have any tips on starting your own business or anything about the greeting card business I would love to hear from you!

Sorry my comment's so long! lol

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