Friday, April 24, 2009

relinquishing the guilt

because the next 3-4 weeks of my life are going to be seriously, tremendously out of control, i'm going to be taking a little break from my daily posts. i'm still going to try and manage my photo of the day, but don't hold me to that either. (however, i would be greatly disappointed to miss my first one)

like i mentioned for my marzipan monday post, i'm heading off to the national stationery show in a couple weeks. this was decided only one week ago. then, about 2 days ago, i decided that since i was there i should really launch fin+roe as a wholesale line. something i had wanted to do already, but didn't think i had time for. after much thought, i've decided it's better for me to do it now than to wait another entire year. i go. i'm somehow developing/designing/pricing/researching/ an album in approximately 3 and a half weeks. wish me luck!

so from here on out, i'm relinquishing the guilt i feel over not posting for the next few weeks. if i have something to say, i will. if not, you'll hopefully have some pretty pictures to look at. i'll definitely let you know when new scoutie girl posts are live, but other than that, it might be thin!

see you on the other side!

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