Tuesday, May 26, 2009

wire locker basket

today is hopefully the first day back on a regular blogging schedule for me.

i recently found a name that perfectly describes my own personal style. i always called it eclectic because i liked a mix of everything, but when i heard the name "vintage modern", i knew it was me to a T! i love clean, modern lines, architecture, & furniture, but i also love vintage accessories. these vintage wire locker baskets (just like those of my swimming lesson days as a child) fit my style perfectly. they're clean, simple, but they're also vintage. found at 26olivestreet :: $32

** just in case you're wondering, pretty much anything in their shop is something i would LOVE to have! check out this children's mini wooden bowling game set!! seriously....how cute can you get?

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Hubby said...

Somehow I have a feeling these "Things I Want Tuesday" posts are directed towards me....

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