Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i'm back!

after a few weeks away from blogging, i'm back! well, at least for today. the national stationery show is this weekend. we leave here on friday to take the kids to my parent's house and then leave very early from there on saturday morning. we should arrive in new york sometime around noon. then it's off to the show to make sure set-up is done, and help finish up if needed. i'm pretty much done, except for the fact that i STILL don't have my album. it's not because i haven't tried. it was sent off to the printer about 2 weeks ago. i've received two of them......both with the holes drilled wrong so they won't fit in my album. very, very disappointing. i'm supposed to get the final version tomorrow (thursday) without holes. i'm going to be punching them one by one to make sure it's done right. i don't have any more time to waste. i'm already going to be putting this thing together in 24 hours along with packing and getting the kids ready for grandma & papa's house. should be fun.

i'm anxious to get photos taken of the album as well so that i can share it with all of you. all in time i suppose. one very exciting thing that's happened in the time i've been away is that a friend of mine sent out newsletters to our customers with a special deal for the purchase of both of our products. i am very excited to say that i've sold several albums already.....before it even exists! at least i know it's worth all the hard work now!

i have a palette full of greeting cards arriving this morning so i better get prepared.

if you're heading to the nss, come visit me and my friends in booth #2547!


Specialty Cards 4U said...

Lori - if you're punching the holes yourself, buy yourself a cropadile. It's a scrapbooking hole puncher (pink handle, you can find them at any scrapbooking store). You'll be able to punch multiple pages at a time - even through heavy cardstock. :-)

hen and barley press said...

So excited to see you, the album and our booth in NYC. I just finished punching holes in my newly arrived pages, I also had to cut a few myself. Not ideal, but the good news is that they look great! Safe travels!

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