Sunday, October 16, 2005

ya gots'ta have some goals....

they always say that you need to have goals in life. at the beginning of this year, i set a sales goal for my business. being that i've been so busy, i hadn't checked my numbers lately. come to find out, i met my goal for the year already!

my goal was not a dollar amount, but instead, an order amount. my goal was to reach a certain number of orders for the year knowing that if they averaged out to equal my minimum order amount, i would be happy. after looking at quickbooks the other night i found that i actually hit that number on september 30th! not only that, but my average dollars per order were almost double my minimum! this all makes me very happy.

i did also have a secondary goal in mind. one that i felt was very lofty. it was one of those "big dream" goals. after looking at my books, i may actually have a chance at hitting that goal too! if i hit this secondary, lofty goal, i think there are going to be some major treats going on!

it has been one whirlwind of a year. so much has changed. 2004 was my first year doing this full-time. before that i was a moonlighter. i expected this year to be the real start of my business, and boy has it been. adding a new baby to the mix added a whole new level of excitement. i can only hope that things continue on the path on which they've been going.


gilley said...

that's so exciting! congrats!

paperwhore said...

that's great, congratulations!

Leslie said...

That is super exciting! CONGRATS on the great news!

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