Sunday, October 02, 2005

you're kidding....right?

over the weekend i visited a local department store to find a pair of pants for our family portraits next weekend. while there, i overheard two women (one older and one younger) talking at a rack next to me. the older said to the younger: "hey, there are jean shirts over you like jean shirts?"

WHAT? are you kidding? i'm no fashion diva, but come on! jean shirts! i didn't even know they were allowed to make those anymore!

oh the joys of small town living!


gilley said...

that is hilarious - I actually had a dream last night about a little baby dawgown made out of denim. Ugh.

On a tacky sidenote, I was wondering this morning who buys the porcelian figurines in gas stations. The one I saw today was a bear face coming out of some brown background.

Lynn said...

I actually had dinner with a friend you wore a cardigan sweater with shoulder pads in it!!!!

I think I need to call ambush makeover for her

madame fancy pants said...

haha! oh dear..middle america?

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