Tuesday, November 22, 2005

finding the time

man, it seems like i never have time to blog lately (although i find plenty of time to read them).

things are going well with the move. we have accomplished unpacking the entire downstairs and most of my office space. the whole upstairs is pretty much still in boxes. we really need to get moving on that because next weekend (the one after thanksgiving) we're having a big old bash here for the little dude's 1 year birthday party! i can't even believe he's going to be 1. it seems like yesterday. yes, i realize that's cliché, but it's so true.

i should really update you with all the things that he's learning (besides the word recognition that i mentioned previously). he’s such a big boy already. he’s getting into everything, climbing all over, and walking along furniture and climbing up the stairs like a pro. he’s waving, playing patty cakes, peek-a-boo, and can tell you stories like there’s no tomorrow. it's truly amazing all the stuff he can do.

so thanksgiving is in two days. we're heading over to my parents house on thanksgiving day and then to the hubby's family on saturday. it's going to be a busy weekend and i know i'll be thinking about my unpacked house while enjoying the company of family. i have a serious problem with relaxation. i admit it. maybe that will be my new year's resolution. i am proud of myself however. usually i would have 5 rooms re-painted by now. but i promised myself that i wouldn't repaint or tear down any wallpaper until after new years. so far, so good. i just need to hang in there a little while longer.

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