Monday, November 14, 2005

getting back to business

i feel so disconnected with what's going on with my business right now. things have been so hectic with the move and all that i feel like i have no idea what's happening.

i can't wait until my office is all organized so that we can be uber-productive. i have so many ideas and hopes for the space. i only hope i can pull them all off. soon. soon. soon. then nothing will hold us back! i have so many design ideas i want to get started on, but they're pretty much on hold until my office is ready for me. getting my office ready is the tough part. moving has taken a lot out of me. not only that, but it wreaks havoc on my schedule. i can't seem to get back on track and i feel like i don't get anything accomplished during the day. i just really need to buckle down and get back to business!

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