Wednesday, November 30, 2005

hitting the wall

tomorrow is dec. 1st. besides being the little dude's one year birthday (yeah!), it is also the date on which my new releases are supposed to be....well....released. i have however, hit the wall. yes, the i-can't-quite-figure-out-what-i-want-to-design wall. i have a few designs done, but i need at least two more to complete the release. then we have to make a ton of each to send out to all the reps. i'll be lucky to get them out by the end of december.

they're supposed to be birthday designs. i'm not sure why i have such a problem with birthday deisgns. probably because it feels like everything has been done already. i want the new stuff to stand out. for people to say "hey, i've never seen anything like this before". but i think that's nearly impossible. i find it much easier to design for other occasions/holidays. birthdays are just so hard. then when i feel like i have an original idea, i can't get the idea from my head onto paper or into illustrator. so frustrating. it's days like today where you just need to walk away and come back later to start over. however, the luxury of that time is not on my side.

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