Tuesday, June 06, 2006

all about the little dude

last week:
i figured it was about time that we officially introduce the little dude to the concept of utensils. up until now, he just ate his food off his tray and didn't have a real use for anything more complex. with his 18 month check-up coming up, i figured we'd be asked if he could use a spoon, so i thought i should at least give it a try. lucky for us, he took to it like crazy! he loved it so much that we actually had to stop him from eating! if you know the little dude, you know that NEVER happens. this kid eats like a bird. so, anyway, he loves it and now happily feeds himself with his spoon at every meal. here's some proof!

over the weekend:
we experienced our first scraped knee. we were all outside—mommy and daddy working on weeding the garden while the little dude played. it was way past naptime so we decided i would go in and clean up and put the little dude to bed. since it was way past naptime someone was a little cranky when we said we were going inside. he was so tired he was having a hard time walking....for those of you with kids, you know how that is. we made it just shy of the door and he biffed it right on he sweet bare little knees. i knew from the sound of his skin scraping the cement that there was going to be blood. he was very brave. he cried a little, but quickly became more interested in looking at the wound. we brought him inside and i cleaned up the boo-boo as gently and swiftly as possible. i took the first picture right after we got it cleaned up, but before the nap. the second one is from today now that it's starting to heal.

the little dude had his 18 month check-up. he's healthy as an ox. she was pretty impressed that we made it to 17 months without so much as a cold. hopefully this trend continues. we got out of there without shots which is also a plus. he's never sure about all the poking, prodding, and stethoscope usage, but he doesn't usually cry.....just looks at her like "what the $#*%$?!?". he's still over 95% in his height, and 80% in his head circumference. (he's got daddy's basketball head) his weight is getting much better. instead of being at only 15% for his weight, he was up to 50%! quite a jump for 3 months.


shim + sons said...

I can't believe how much your little one has grown. I love the photographs! He has the sweetest little face!

Tara said...

he is REALLY cute!

gilley said...


Julie said...

He's adorable! My womb is weeping little tears...

Dear Monday said...

he's so cute. he's changed quite a bit since the last pic.

my little one has the same build: tall, big head and skinny. LOL. he was still 20% at 18 mos. i'm glad yours got to 50%.

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