Friday, June 30, 2006

random friday photos

here's a cutie photo of the little dude sleeping in the car on a recent trip. he insisted on holding onto his new balloon as well as his teddy bear, cup, and blankie....all at once. even after he fell alseep, he NEVER let go of that balloon. i couldn't resist taking a photo.

another recent photo of the little dude right after he spilled almost an entire bag of chocolate chips on the kitchen floor. luckily the camera was right there on the island, so i snapped a quick one.

and lastly, a photo of some very determined daisies that decided to pop up right in the middle of our brick patio! i didn't have the heart to pull them up, so i waited for them to bloom and then took this picture. they're still going strong out there. i feel like it should have one of those cheesy captions underneath about determination or perseverance.

have a great holiday weekend!


Kel said...

great pics! thanks for sharing them.

Hi-Heeled Hotties said...

Your son is just precious! That photo of him holding all that stuff is hysterical!

sally said...

Love the photographs. I had to laugh at the first photo, Big J does the same thing, falls asleep griping his favorite car or toy. Happy 4th!

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