Tuesday, June 13, 2006

in the zone

typically we hear about creative block and days where things just aren't going as you'd like. i have those days way too often to count. so i thought it would be nice to celebrate the great, in the zone, day i had yesterday. i'm not quite sure how, but i managed to get out 4 new designs that i'm absolutely in love with!! plus, i finished up one that was in the works already. (there are 11 total designs that will be included in my june release.) like i said, i'm not quite sure how i managed this, all i do know is that i'm really, really happy about it and excited to get them out to the reps to see the kind of response i get from them. i'm also going to upload them to shades of violet very soon so they'll be available there. i'll post here when they're available.

here's a little preview list of what the june release will include: pet sympathy, pet birthday, thank you, good luck, thinking of you, baby, baby, baby, and more baby.

p.s. don't forget to sign up for the 100th post contest! a winner will be drawn on thursday!

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